MTU now offers sustainable energy supply also for mines

Rolls-Royce recently decided to expand its offer of energy systems focusing in particular on providing new microgrid solutions for mines. This means that mine operators will be able to rely on sustainable energy supply. An energy that is available also in remote regions independently of public power grids.

The solutions combine renewable energy sources with a battery storage system and both diesel and gas generator sets. A central controller also ensures that the demand of the mine for electricity is available in an efficient and environment-friendly manner.

microgrid mines

Lars Kräft, Vice President Industrial Business at Rolls-Royce Power Systems, explained: «For mine operators, energy costs, which account on average for 15 % of the overall operating costs of
mine, are a key factor. And with a demand for electric power of 50 to 100 MW per mine, sustainability, efficiency and reliability of the energy supply are now becoming increasingly important in the industry. We have identified our customers’ needs and we are now offering them the right solution for their specific requirements».


MTU’s “ingredients” for sustainability

When we look at MTU’s solution, we are not only talking about diesel and gas generator sets. We can also find battery containers combined with photovoltaic and wind power plants in autonomous power grids. The connection between all the components happens through a smart energy management system. Which optimises the use of energy both technically and commercially.

Any excess renewable energy can be stored in the batteries and then made available whenever it is needed. Moreover, fluctuations in power coming from renewable energy sources due to weather conditions and the time of day are compensated for with reliable diesel and gas generator sets, in addition to battery storage systems. The system, in fact, aims at providing a stable power supply at all times. Even when the demand for electric power is high and when systems need to operate around the clock.

Decarbonisation effect

MTU’s solution means that mine operators can make considerable progress in terms of more sustainable energy supply. Which can be a benefit also for the communities living close to the mine. Due to the integration of renewable energies and the smart networking of all components, there is also a cost benefit for mine operators. Fuel costs can be significantly lower for example, in addition to the saving of costs for connecting mines to the power grids.



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