Rotomix5 ECO, the first self-propelled mixer wagon powered by biomethane

Rotomix5 ECO. After the electric self-propelled mixing machines Supertino Electra 21 and Siloking eTruck, the manufacturer Bravo has presented at Eima 2018 the very first model powered by biomethane. Developed in collaboration with Ecomotive Solutions, a Holdim Group company specialized in propulsion systems with alternative fuels and renewable energy.

The new Rotomix5 ECO is a self-propelled mixer wagon. It is innovative in the engine, but equipped with the same workgroups of a conventional model.


The touch of Ecomotive Solutions

The engine powered by biomethane comes from Fpt and takes advantage of the localized production of this innovative fuel. This allows the vehicle to maintain the same operational level as a diesel engine. But with the economic and ecological benefits of “zero-kilometer” natural gas.


The first operational tests conducted by the technicians of Bravo and Ecomotive Solutions have revealed some specific advantages of biomethane propulsion in the livestock sector. First of all, there is a significant reduction in terms of harmful and polluting exhaust smoke due to the diesel cycle. With important benefits for the surrounding environment and for the welfare of the animals when the machine operates in relatively tight environments.

There is also a significant reduction in noise pollution. This brings a clear increase in the comfort of the operator and the animals. In addition, from the point of view of self-consumption, the initial cost of the machine, added to an adequate biomethane purification and compression plant, is absorbed in a short time. This allows a considerable saving, especially for biogas producers from livestock effluents. In fact, thanks to breeding, they can have a low-cost renewable energy source.

Ecomotive Solutions is Green… dustrial

With the Greendustrial range Ecomotive Solutions took the first step into the world of stationary. It started with four engines converted to gas. The two low entries are a confirmation of the collaboration with Pitteri Violini. In addition to the 1.1 liters of Isuzu, there is also the 2.2 4Le2. We then go up a lot with the two Fpt engines: the 6.7-liter Nef and the Cursor 13. The result is four units with low compression ratios, standardized with truck components, to facilitate the research for spare parts. Together with a Spark16 control unit capable of handling any lambda ratio, and a continuous power range of 10, 21, 136 and 292 kilowatts.



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