Only two years after its launch, Weichai is flanking its record-breaking engine, the first diesel truck to break the 50 per cent efficiency threshold, with the natural gas version.

Weichai with CNG engine achieves 54.16% thermal efficiency

A four handed-work with Bosch. In order to play it by ear (let’s not forget that Scania later achieved the same goal, also in the industrial sector), the Weifang-based company (approximately forty billion euros in turnover) enlisted the expertise of Robert Bosch. After all, calibrating chamber pressure and ECU mapping are essential factors in achieving a goal of this significance. According to the manufacturer’s data, a thermal efficiency of 52.28 per cent can reduce fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by 12 per cent. In September 2020, Weichai launched the world’s first basic diesel engine with a thermal efficiency of 50.23 per cent. In January 2022, the company further increased the efficiency of the diesel engine to 51.09 per cent, continuing to lead the global internal combustion engine industry. The natural gas used plays an important role in reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the internal combustion engine due to its inherent properties. In 2008, the Chinese Group started to design direct in-cylinder gas injection technology, and in 2012 developed China’s first highly powerful combustion engine equipped with high-pressure compressed natural gas direct injection into the cylinder. Since 2018, Weichai’s R&D Team has made two major strides in the thermal efficiency of natural gas base engines, exceeding 45 per cent in 2020 and 50 per cent in 2021, compared to the industry’s 42 per cent. In November this year, the thermal efficiency of natural gas base engines was improved to 54.16 per cent, meeting China VI emission standards, and exceeding the industry’s highest level of 47.6 per cent.

Weichai record
The Weichai booth at IAA Hannover

The approval of the insiders (and such a big names!)

The launch of these innovative engines has been enthusiastically welcomed by the market and in particular by Steven Hartong, CEO of the Bosch Group, Chris Mason, CEO of the International Federation of Automotive Engineers, Walter Downing, Coo of the Southwest Research Institute, Helmut Lister, CEO of All (Austria), Wei, President of the Chinese Engineers Association of North America, China Mechanical Engineering Society, China Internal Combustion Engine Society, China Internal Combustion Engine Industry Association, research institutes, industry institutes and national and international strategic partners.



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