The third and last stage of the Sustainable Powertrain Tour 2021 will deal with the off-highway sector. A complex and heterogeneous one, indeed, as it includes all those machines and applications that cannot be included in the on-road segment. We are mainly talking about agricultural and construction equipment, which have a closer and closer relationship with the idea of sustainability. The digital event is scheduled on November 11 at 4 pm CET. Below, the link to subscribe for free.

We’ll have the pleasure to host some primary players in the sector. Moderated by the editorial staff of Powertrain, the following speakers will be part of the webinar:

Riccardo Viaggi, Secretary General, CECE
Jerome Bandry, Secretary General, CEMA
Peter Pickel, Manager External Relations, John Deere GmbH
Valery Shapochkin, Off-Highway Chief Engineer, Cummins
Diego Rotti, Product Marketing Manager Off-Road, FPT Industrial
Lorenzo Serrao, Lead engineer for off-highway electrification, Dana Incorporated
plus a special contribution from James Dorling, Senior Consultant, KGP Auto

Sustainable Powertrain Tour. Some key questions for the off-highway sector

“Off-road powertrain. Is it multitasking (or not anymore)?”. The title we have chosen contains a relevant question. On the one hand, the more and more frequent appearance of electric prototypes in construction sites (mini-excavators and skid loaders). Even maxi-dumpers, sometimes. Hybrid tractors have sprung up in the countryside.

On the other hand, we have become increasingly sure that off-highway mobile applications must fit the driveline to every kind of work cycles and infrastructure networks. In the third decade of this century, will we see the simultaneous development of mobile diesel, methane gas, hybrid, electric and hydrogen-powered machinery? If sustainability must be right now, why not support public incentives for synthetic fuels and biofuels?

Sustainable Powertrain Tour

Our ‘sustainable’ network

The Sustainable Powertrain Tour 2021 was created in the wake of a huge commitment for the promotion of sustainability carried out by Vado e Torno, our publishing house. It is no coincidence that Vado e Torno, through the various magazines published, has established during the years some well-known international awards. From the Sustainable Bus of the Year, addressed to the bus field, to the Sustainable Truck of the Year, up to the Sustainable Tractor of the Year, assigned yearly to the most innovative and game-changing industrial solutions.

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