Powertrain organized the webinar “Biomethane: the right way for decarbonization and a springboard to accelerate the transition to hydrogen?. The web event was broadcasted on November 23. Below is the link to watch the replay.

The webinar: biomethane and hydrogen in the spotlight

It wasn’t only biomethane under the spotlight, in this session. The real target we wanted to hit are the new ICE aces. Can hydrogen and e-fuels, HVO and fuels produced from agricultural biomass contribute to the redemption of the internal combustion engine and the energy transition?

Powertrain magazine in this webinar aimed to explore the real potential of alternative fuels: biomethane and blue/brown/grey hydrogen. We started with an overview on alternative fuels (biomethane, methanol, ethanol, and so on), then there was an in-depth study on biomethane and its applications, followed by an overview of the hydrogen ecosystem and the illustration of some application cases.

The speakers

During the webinar, we went deeper into the subject by involving primary engineering and consulting companies, as well as engine manufacturers on an international scale. These players provided their own point of view, answered our questions and helped us imagine the future of internal combustion engine.

  • Fausto Elementi, Strategic Sourcing and Supplier Quality Director, NGV Powertrain
  • Andrea Abbà, On Road Product Portfolio & Marketing, FPT Industrial
  • Jamie Fox, Principal Analyst, Interact Analysis
  • Jim Nebergall, General Manager Hydrogen Engines, Cummins
  • Roberto Golisano, Senior Program Manager & Chief Engineer – Hydrogen Engines, Punch Hydrocells



POWERTRAIN (formerly DIESEL INTERNATIONAL) changes its name: from January it will be called POWERTRAIN INTERNATIONAL, following the change of name of our Italian magazine DIESEL, which will become POWERTRAIN. This does not mean deleting the word diesel from our agenda and from our priorities, but it...

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