The second stage of the Sustainable Powertrain Tour 2021, organized and promoted by our platform, will be addressed to the PG sector. In other words, stationary applications that are more and more relying on alternative fuels or hybrid solutions for either prime power of standby projects. The event on power generation will be held in July and will see institutions, OEMs and engine manufacturers talk to each other in order to share ideas and solutions that may accelerate the development and adoption of more sustainable technology in this field.

When? July 15 at 4pm CEST
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PG and CHP: why the need for a stage of the Sustainable Powertrain Tour?

“Biomethane and Smart grids: the Eco-CHP” is the title we have chosen for the second stage of the Sustainable Powertrain Tour 2021. According to our view, in fact, flexibility is a must for the production of electricity. It is not difficult to understand why. Talking about renewable energies, the topic is the ‘age-old’ issue of storage. Wouldn’t we have come to the end of a virtuous cycle? Obviously, with the exception of the more remote areas, where diesel engine is still the only real option.


Just a provocation. What if all the motorway service stations in the EU, USA and China were powered by smart grids at the end of 2022? What if it was the same for those energy-intensive entities at airports, harbors and train stations? Or is still diesel engine the best choice for the smart grids? Quite complex questions, indeed. That’s why it’s definitely time for a thorough discussion about these issues.

Sustainable Powertrain Tour

Our ‘sustainable’ network

The Sustainable Powertrain Tour 2021 was created in the wake of a huge commitment for the promotion of sustainability carried out by Vado e Torno, our publishing house. It is no coincidence that Vado e Torno, through the various magazines published, has established during the years some well-known international awards. From the Sustainable Bus of the Year, addressed to the bus field, to the Sustainable Truck of the Year, up to the Sustainable Tractor of the Year, assigned yearly to the most innovative and game-changing industrial solutions.

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FPT Industrial: let’s go, XC13

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