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ZF: two million electric motors produced

ZF has reached the milestone of two million electric motors produced. The technology company supplies automotive manufacturers with electric motors for different vehicle types – from hybrid and electric axle drives for electric passenger cars to electric central drives for commercial vehicles. The t...

Honda eGX: a vision for 2030

With the eGX, the new advanced electrified power unit, Honda is supporting OEMs in commercial markets in their efforts to meet increasingly stringent regulatory standards while expanding their portfolios with strategic developments such as developing more battery powered products


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RAM 1500, the mild hybrid pick-up lands in Europe

Thanks to the official importer KWA (Klintberg & Way Automotive), the all-new RAM 1500 electric pick-up crosses the borders of the US and arrives in Europe. For us, the most interesting part of the vehicle is certainly its eTorque engine system, the unique mild hybrid system with regenerative br...

Benevelli and its full-electric soul

At Key Energy in Rimini, at the beginning of November, we had the opportunity to get to know Benevelli Group, an innovative company from Emilia, in the heart of Italian Motor Valley. There, we had a chat with Alberto Benevelli, CEO of Benevelli Group, a company with a turnover of about 7 million eur...

Active Shift Control: efficiency in gear-shift by Hyundai

Active Shift Control (ASC) is the transmission technology Hyundai Motor Group has developed to optimize gear-shift efficiency by monitoring gear shifts 500 times per second and precisely controlling the power distribution of the hybrid engine. The new system will be equipped with future hybrid model...

ZF Hybrid Marine. Under the lens

ZF Hybrid Marine. The future of shipping   ZF Hybrid Marine. Coming a step back, looking at Genoa Boat Show, we appreciate the 8000 series, in hybrid configuration with PTI and ZF electric motor of 200 kilowatts. ZF is notoriously one of the technological leaders in the driveline for over all t...

BorgWarner’s electric motor for plug-in hybrid truck

BorgWarner’s High Voltage Hairpin for plug-in hybrid electric truck BorgWarner recently strengthened its reputation as a supplier of hybrid vehicle systems thanks to the news that a major European commercial vehicle manufacturer has chosen the company’s High Voltage Hairpin (HVH) 410 electric motor ...
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