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POWERTRAIN (formerly DIESEL INTERNATIONAL) changes its name: from January it will be called POWERTRAIN INTERNATIONAL, following the change of name of our Italian magazine DIESEL, which will become POWERTRAIN. This does not mean deleting the word diesel from our agenda and from our priorities, but it...


Toyoda, Toyota and doubts about full electric

Toyota and doubts about full electric. «When politicians are out there saying, ‘Let’s get rid of all cars using gasoline,’ do they understand this?» (HERE Toyota fuel cells development program). Toyota and doubts about full electric cars. Mr Toyoda criticized These sentences do not belong to Peter K...

Toyota and hydrogen across the sea

Toyota and hydrogen across the sea. Listen these words, from a Toyota press release, posted on February 3rd (Toyota and Hydrogen. In Italy too, together with ENI). Toyota and hydrogen across the sea. Power to Energy Observer “Toyota has been involved in the Energy Observer project from the start, be...

Yanmar believes in hydrogen for maritime applications

Yanmar believes in hydrogen. As part of efforts to offer environment-friendly powertrain solutions, Yanmar will develop a hydrogen fuel cell system for maritime applications, based on fuel cell technology for automobiles. WHO’S TARO KITAMURA, THE NEW PRESIDENT OF YANMAR MARINE INTERNATIONAL Wi...
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