Carraro Tractors, the historic brand that still lives on the livery of Carraro Group’s specialized tractors, has joined the range of tractors available on Farming Simulator, the famous simulation video game developed by Giants Software. 

The Carraro Compact VLB 75 – made in truly faithful 3D also thanks to the support of Carraro R&D Department – entered this virtual catalog just a few days ago and was immediately a big hit with more than 90,000 registered downloads (in the “Small Tractors” category). This tractor was nominated for the Tractor of the Year 2022 in the Best of Specialized category.

This is great news for a tractor that has already garnered numerous acclaim in the real world and can now be available even to thousands of virtual farmers to accompany them in the care of their crops, with particular reference to vineyards and orchards. 

Farming Simulator represents the most extensive and realistic agricultural simulation ever made, including technical improvements and new features such as production chains, seasonal cycles, and the ability to play with multiple users from different platforms. The game replicates the activities a farmer must cope with to grow his business, starting from the phases of purchasing the vehicles and their configuration according to needs.

For a preview of the Carraro Compact VLB 75 within the game environment, click here.



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