As usual, the editorial staff released a video to introduce Diesel International 2/2021, the second of six issues of the magazine to be released in the current year. The e-magazine is available at this link.

Diesel International 2/2021. John Deere wins the Diesel of the year 2021

The Diesel of the year 2021 is… 6 cylinder… 650 kW… the identikit is that of the John Deere 18L! Introducing the Sustainable Powertrain Tour, three steps that will help us understand more about the multiple meanings of the word ‘sustainabilty’. Travelling around the world, Weichai purchased Lovol, MTU unveiled 500 Series, FPT Industrial set the Smart Service.

We interviewed Yanmar Europe and NGV Powertrain: Diesel and Gas are still cool! Comparison between 9 and 11 liters diesel engines: Cat and Cummins raised the bar.

Alternative fuels and hydrogen

Massey Ferguson also takes an interest below 56 kW. In this case with the support of Iseki. Let’s talk about alternatives: we moved over the Ocean, listening to Diesel Technology Forum, together with Cummins, John Deere and Neste. Cummins embarked on an anthological reading of the hydrogen trend. The Dutch, a people of sailors and creatives. Like Jos Scholman who has made four New Holland tractors compatible with a diesel-hydrogen mixture.

Swimming in the Caribbean, we chanced upon Volvo Penta’s D16, upgraded for commercial, and a Cat C32B, on a yacht, with the monstrous power of 2,433 hp.


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