The editorial staff introduce in a video message the contents of Diesel International 3-2020, released at the beginning of May.

First of all, let’s quote Antonio Guterress, Secretary-General of the United Nations, about COVID-19: «The pandemic is one of the most dangerous challenges this world has faced in our lifetime». Let’s move to Diesel of the year 2020: FPT Industrial F28 is not one engine but three: diesel, gas and hybrid.

Kohler and Volvo Penta told us how they approached the dramatic Coronavirus emergency. What do you say? Hybrid? Ok! We mention two very special applications: the hyper-car Koenigsegg Gemera and the tractor Steyr Konzept.

Diesel International 3-2020: ConExpo, Dubai, marine and more

The lockdown doesn’t stop us from reporting from ConExpo: under the spotlight John Deere 18L and Kubota 7.5L. Diesel engines comparisons: single cylinder, the chip appearance, and 9 engines for 9 liters. Fish-Eye: Lindner and Perkins. A strong relationship extended to Stage V. MEE Dubai: we got it! Just one step before lockdown…

Diesel marine: a report about LNG and the As Hydropod. What about components? PGMs: a European project to improve DPF. The key word is ‘copper’. And again, Dana, Danfoss and Eaton, Arbos, Powerlink and more and more.



Scania and Tuxedo Yachting House: the V8 charme

Shaping an aluminum hull is a far from trivial operation. Yet it gives uniqueness, sustainability in terms of process, cutting parasitic costs and recyclability of materials. Francesco Ceccarelli, managing director of Tuxedo explained it to us and also told us about the genesis of the choice of the ...

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