Beyond and FPT Industrial: we told you about it, now let them tell you about it. After the introduction, anticipated by Iveco Group, and our story, here is what we received from the FPT Industrial press office. You will also find the list of people who spoke on stage.

FPT Industrial, sustainability and Beyond – IVECO Group Days

From 13 to 17 July at the Officine Grandi Riparazioni (OGR) in Turin (Italy), Iveco Group and its Brands hosted their many stakeholders for a major, carbon-neutral event called BEYOND – Iveco Group Days. The aim was to shed light on Iveco Group’s integrated structure and internal business ecosystems, while sharing the company’s purpose, values and future roadmap based on three strategic pillars: technology, sustainability and partnership. FPT Industrial took centre stage on both 14 and 15 of July with Sylvain Blaise, President of the Iveco Group Powertrain Business Unit and Brand President of FPT Industrial, and two propulsion-themed roundtables.  In his keynote speech “The future of Powertrains”, Sylvain Blaise stressed the key role that powertrain manufacturers play in developing the powertrain of the future in order to achieve carbon neutrality, and how it is necessary to approach the route to sustainability in a holistic way, with a complete view of the cycle. In addition, he highlighted the importance of low- or zero-carbon energy in terms of sourcing and distribution in achieving the set goals. It also means ensuring continuity and competitiveness in strategic sectors that use current products and technologies, as well as developing new and greener propulsion solutions designed to be delivered to and adopted by the widest possible customer base in the shortest possible time.

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Sylvain Blaise, Powertrain Brand President

FPT focuses on propulsion at Beyond

These high-profile themes were discussed in the following roundtables:“Focus on propulsions: technological roadmap”, moderated by Fabrizio Goria, Financial Reporter at La Stampa (click here to watch the recorded event), and “Propulsion evolution and partnerships ecosystem” , moderated by Alberto Onetti of Mind the Bridge (click here to watch the recorded event), further evidencing the next steps that FPT Industrial and its partners are taking together.
At the first meeting, participants including Philip Scarth, Head of Open Innovation at FPT Industrial, and Giorgio Ricci, Head of Manufacturing at FPT Industrial, shared ideas about the future of internal combustion engines as one of the many solutions to reduce emissions and their importance in current agricultural and construction industries, while also discussing the impact of electric evolution on powertrain manufacturing. During the talk, the speakers indicated the direction that FPT Industrial wants to take, becoming a “game changer” in the electrification era and positioning itself at the center of an ecosystem of skills.

The second round table

The second roundtable featured, among others, Pierpaolo Biffali, Vice President of Product Engineering at FPT Industrial, who presented the brand’s vision about the decarbonization of industrial On-Highway and Off-Highway sectors. This vision includes a close collaboration with each partner combined with continuous leveraging of both its specific powertrain expertise and partners’ market experience to develop sustainable and successful projects together.

FPT Industrial would like to thank all its guests and partners who joined the event for their valuable contributions, which further reinforced the open, collaborative, forward-looking spirit that underlies all of FPT Industrial’s partnerships:
For the “Focus on propulsions: technological roadmap” roundtable: Daniela Vinci, CEO of Masmec,Sascha Kelterborn, President of Microvast, and Neeta Khare, Director of Battery, Fuel Cells & MD at Potenza.
For the “Propulsion evolution and partnerships ecosystem” roundtable: Anirudh Bhuwalka, CEO of Blue Energy Motors, Chris Mann CTO of Bennamann, Francesco Farinetti, CEO at Green Pea, Board Member at Eataly, Partnerships at Fontanafredda, Oscar Baroncelli, Head of Tractor Product Management at New Holland Agriculture, and Alessandro Rossi, Chief Technical Officer at Azimut Benetti Group. 

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