Ladies&gentlemen, FPT Industrial ‘guy’ for Tata Daewoo is the 4.5 liters Diesel engine, ‘rebaptised’ Euro Dynamics. Its appearance looks quite familiar to us. FPT has good roots in Korea and is still linked with Daewoo. Zyle Daewoo Bus Corporation signed an agreement with FPT Industrial regarding the supply of Euro VI Cursor 11 engines for Daewoo Bus’ coach applications.

FPT Industrial for Tata Daewoo

FPT Industrial for Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicles

“FPT Industrial was chosen as preferred engine supplier by TATA DAEWOO Commercial Vehicles for the launch of the new ‘the CEN’, an innovative formula of semi-medium truck designed to make a strong impact on the domestic South Korean market. Presented with an impressive virtual show available in live streaming, the CEN – whose name means ‘The Strong’ in Korean and ‘Complete, Efficient, Needs’ for the rest of the world – is powered by a FPT Industrial Euro Dynamics 45 engine, chosen for its unique characteristics in terms of superior power, torque, torque reserve, overall efficiency and compliance with emission rules EGR free. Launched in 3, 4 and 5 ton versions, the CEN is a truck with an incomparable mix of power, efficiency, versatility and safety: exactly what customers and markets need. Among its many outstanding features: the first 8-speed automatic gearbox in the segment, fully pneumatic brakes, pneumatic suspension seats and LED DRL, all contributing to create an unforgettable driving experience.

Euro Dynamics, translated in Korean

Available in two versions with 186 or 206 hp, the FPT Industrial Euro Dynamics 45 engine is a member of the renowned NEF engine family, sold worldwide for all kind of applications – on road, off-road and marine – in about 100,000 units per year. The ED 45 delivers up to 21% more power and torque up to 23% higher versus competition in South Korea. Its exclusive and patented HI-eSCR after-treatment-system EGR free, not only complies with the strictest emission rules, but also delivers a number of substantial benefits. Among them: better breathability – the engine breaths fresh air only, instead of very hot and dirty recirculated gas; optimized packaging and installation – being EGR free the cooling circuit is smaller and easier to accommodate; higher reliability – the whole cooling circuit operates at lower temperatures; up to 150,000 km DPF service intervals – thanks to passive regeneration.

FPT Industrial for Tata Daewoo

«FPT Industrial was both honored and proud to be part of this important product launch in South Korea,» said Alessandro Del Bue, Key Account On-Road for FPT Industrial. «The CEN will certainly be a strong point of reference for the whole of the South Korean transport industry and its indubitable success will further consolidate our position and boost our market share in the Country».”


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