Sales of the new MAN eTruck electric truck will start on October 30, with the first units rolling out to selected customers in 2024. The in-house production of battery packs at MAN’s Nuremberg site plays an important role in the electrification strategy.

This is where Lord Mayor Marcus König and MAN Board Member for Production Michael Kobriger symbolically broke ground for the start of construction of the new M50 battery building. From 2025, up to 100,000 high-voltage batteries will be manufactured there in large-scale production, in particular for the new MAN eTruck suitable for long-distance transport, but also for powering city buses and, in future, coaches. The tradition-rich Nuremberg engine plant thus plays a central role as MAN’s center of excellence for alternative drive technologies.


Battery production for MAN eTruck ramp-up

Up to now, batteries have been produced at the site in manual small-batch production. In the future, 350 new jobs will be created on a total area of just over 16,000 square meters, as well as intelligently linked assembly and logistics facilities. By the end of 2024, the first customer vehicles will still be served from this small series, before the batteries from the new large-scale production will be available from 2025 for the electric truck production in Munich, which will then also be ramped up in large quantities.The new battery-electric drives require increased knowledge and expertise not only in production but also in development.

Thanks to its preparation for the megawatt charging standard, which is expected to be available from 2025, MAN eTruck will achieve daily ranges of between 600 and 800 kilometers suitable for long-distance transport, and in the future even up to 1,000 kilometers with just one intermediate charge during the driver’s 45-minute break from driving. But the new MAN eTruck will also easily cover most of the other typical transport tasks of today’s trucks.

MAN to turn into a provider of sustainable transport

The mobility shift toward electrically powered road haulage is changing the entire industry in an unprecedented way. MAN is actively helping to shape the change. Our transformation into a provider of sustainable and intelligent transport solutions is visible everywhere in the Company – especially here in Nuremberg. With the efficient realignment of the company and the sustainable conversion of the entire production network, we have made a major leap toward the future in the last two years. The market launch of our new MAN eTruck now in October is an essential milestone in this regard, and batteries from Nuremberg are the key enabler for its large-scale production from 2025,” said Michael Kobriger.


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