The Sustainable Bus Awards 2024 were handed over on October 6, 2023, amidst the glitz and glamour of the “Gala Night” at the Busworld Europe 2023 (Bruxelles Expo, 7-12 October). 

In the “Urban” category, the top accolade was bestowed upon the MAN Lion’s City 10 E. The MAN Lion’s City 10 E emerged as the champion 2024, acknowledging the manufacturer’s technological efforts and its growing market share within the zero emission bus segment. 

For the “Intercity” category, the newly launched Iveco Bus Crossway LE Elec claimed victory. This model, just updated with a brand new design and technological features, showcases the future of zero-emission drivetrain in intercity transportation. 

In the “Coach” category, the spotlight shone on the Setra TopClass S 515 HDH. Recognized for its luxurious comfort and sustainability features, the Setra TopClass S 515 HDH stood out as the premier choice for safe coach travels. 

These award-winning vehicles represent the cutting edge of sustainable transportation solutions, embodying a commitment to a greener and more sustainable future for the entire industry. 

The jury, comprised of 8 expert European journalists in the Bus&Coach sector, selects a maximum of 5 vehicles per category. The evaluation takes into account how new technologies make vehicles safer, more efficient, more comfortable, highly connected, and less polluting. This meticulous selection and voting process ensure that only the most innovative and promising vehicles receive recognition, highlighting the industry’s dedication to progress and sustainability 

The motivations of the Sustainable Bus Awards 2024

Sustainable Bus Award Urban: MAN Lion’s City 10 E 

sby 2024

The MAN Lion’s City 10 E secured its victory in the Urban category of the Sustainable Bus Awards for several key reasons. Firstly, it effectively caters to a critical market segment by offering a very good passenger capacity of up to 80 individuals. Simultaneously, its lightweight construction and compact size at 10.6 meters enable good maneuverability, making it ideal for navigating within confined urban spaces and a valuable trait in congested city environments, attributed to its tight turning circle of 17,200 mm.

Moreover, the Lion’s City 10 E shares a powerful central electric motor with its sibling, the Lion’s City 12 E, boasting a peak output of 240 kW. This motor’s development in-house sets MAN apart in the e-bus market, where many competitors rely heavily on third-party components. This in-house innovation not only contributes to the bus’s performance but also underscores MAN’s commitment to pioneering electric bus technology, ultimately enhancing its appeal to eco-conscious urban transit operators and contributing to its win in the Sustainable Bus Award. 

Sustainable Bus Award Intercity: Iveco Bus Crossway LE Elec 

sby 2024

The new Iveco Bus Crossway LE Elec represents a notable step forward in design and technology. It harnesses the power of in-house NMC battery packs from FPT Industrial, boasting a total capacity of 485 kWh (69 kWh per module) and the convenience of pantograph charging. With peak power reaching 310 kW and continuous power at 185 kW, along with peak torque of 3000 Nm and continuous torque at 1150 Nm, it delivers remarkable performance. 

A significant feature is its cutting-edge ADAS suite, built on an updated electronic platform, set to include mirror cam technology by the end of 2024, improving safety and efficiency. Additionally, the Crossway is set to incorporate a CO2-powered HVAC system, further enhancing its sustainability credentials. 

Sustainable Bus Award category Coach: Setra TopClass S 515 HDH 

sby 2024

The victory of the Setra TopClass S 515 HDH in the Sustainable Bus Award 2024 category ‘Coach’ should be attributed to its pioneering advancements in active safety and driver assistance technologies. This coach, part of Setra’s latest generation launched in late 2022, not only received subtle aesthetic upgrades but, more significantly, underwent a substantial software transformation. 

The introduction of the Active Drive Assist 2, a semi-autonomous driving system, represents a milestone in the coach industry. This system significantly elevates safety by autonomously ensuring the coach remains within its lanes and maintains a safe distance from other vehicles, thus pushing the boundaries of driver assistance technology. The recognition is a testament to Setra’s commitment to enhancing sustainability and safety in the world of coaches, making the Setra TopClass S 515 HDH a deserving winner in its category.


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