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Yanmar Green Challenge 2050

Yanmar Compact Equipment is committed to adopting more sustainable practices – and to helping its customers and users of its products to do the same. The company, part of the Yanmar Group, is committed to creating a sustainable future and, along with its fellow Group companies, recently launched the...


Scania and Tuxedo Yachting House: the V8 charme

Shaping an aluminum hull is a far from trivial operation. Yet it gives uniqueness, sustainability in terms of process, cutting parasitic costs and recyclability of materials. Francesco Ceccarelli, managing director of Tuxedo explained it to us and also told us about the genesis of the choice of the ...


CATL and battery swapping

The solution developed by CATL, which supplies battery cells and packs to several manufacturers all over the world, integrates the hardware as well the software parts, with a cloud platform completing the solution itself

Offshore hydrogen production: news from Lhyfe

Lhyfe announces that Sealhyfe, the world’s first offshore hydrogen production pilot, has produced its first kilos of green hydrogen in the Atlantic Ocean! Furthermore, the French company will coordinate the HOPE (Hydrogen Offshore Production for Europe) project
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