BorgWarner focused on improving the driving experience with the GenV AWD Coupling

GenV AWD Coupling ready for SUVs, the small sport utility vehicles are indeed enjoying growing popularity recently. In the compact SUV segment, BorgWarner is strengthening its presence by supplying one long-term partner with its GenV all-wheel drive (AWD) coupling.

This modular solution provides an ideal balance between sporty dynamics and improved efficiency for BMW XDrive. It is now operational in several vehicle models, such as the current BMW X1, X2 and 2 Series Active Tourer as well as the Gran Tourer. The same system is also present in some Mini models, like the Countryman and the Clubman. Featuring new electronic controls, BorgWarner’s GenV AWD coupling aim to deliver a fun-to-drive experience, optimal traction and stability.

GenV AWD Coupling

Stefan Demmerle, President and General Manager, BorgWarner PowerDrive Systems, said: «At BorgWarner, we are very pleased to provide our advanced GenV technology for the BMW Group. With our advanced AWD technology, we support our customer in reaching new levels of efficiency and dynamic performance. The GenV system for the BMW Group features a highly innovative efficiency valve which minimizes internal losses by actively controlling the oil level in the system».


Different improvements from the previous generation

BorgWarner’s AWD coupling employs a hydraulic actuator to apply variable force to the clutch package using hydraulic pressure and a working piston. By monitoring the working pressure within the system, the AWD system is able to adapt to the current driving situation thanks to control over the torque transfer. This technology introduces a centrifugal pump, which replaces the accumulator, filter and pressure control valve in the previous generation.

This innovation reduces the overall weight of the technology while improving the system’s performance. With its compact and lightweight design, the GenV technology reduces vehicle complexity and simplifies integration into the powertrain. This leads to better traction as well as more precise and stable handling. The company’s AWD solution also allows immediate response and high torque capacity. BorgWarner’s solution is also suitable for mild hybrid vehicles.



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