Bosch Rexroth presented, at Eima International 2018, its new philosophy for the digitalization of hydrostatic transmissions. In fact, over the last few years, the digitalization process of hydraulic systems of mobile applications has been the architect of a significant technological evolution: it allowed to improve not only the performance and efficiency of the applications themselves but also to raise the safety standards and to allow the monitoring of the components used.

bosch rexroth connectivity

The e-DA solution

Bosch Rexroth developed a new solution, called e-DA, to respond to the digitization trend driven primarily by safety and emission reductions regulations. It is a solution that maintains the simplicity of use of the traditional DA hydraulic solution, but, at the same time, it provides an answer to the need of proper management of complex situations, mainly related to diesel management, for example in terms of overload.

This solution allows constant monitoring of safety conditions, verifying the consistency between the commands and the real status of the transmission. In this way, proper implementations of safety functions such as “safe standstill“, “safe direction” or “safe reversing” can be guaranteed.


Electronic management allows greater flexibility by offering, for example, the possibility of defining different driving modes, responding to the needs of different operators. Or again, it is able to provide functions dedicated to the reduction of consumption such as, for example, “eco-mode” or “creep-mode“, to be able to disconnect the vehicle speed control from the one of the diesel.

The development of the e-DA package requires the use of the new A4VG 35 series pump, which was created exclusively with electronic control and has been optimized to offer high performance, while maintaining its ease of use and implementation.

Bosch Rexroth’s new services

The new services offered embrace the different interests of OEM, end-users or fleet managers, here are some examples:

Remote diagnostic” is a remote service that allows to remotely verify, realizing an online diagnostics, what happens to the machine that records an anomaly directly on the field. If the vehicle has a connected unit on board, a technician can remotely control the situation and promptly get a remedy if necessary.

Self-calibration” is an automatic calibration service of the components, compliant with the supplied factory data, which can have important applications, for example, after the replacement of an original component with a new unit directly on the field.

Predictive maintenance“, that is the predictive maintenance service, which through the monitoring of the operation, the collection of a series of data and their processing, allows to predict the residual life of a component.

Next gen spec“, an app that allows to understand if the sizing of the mechanical parts has been correctly realized and to design the next generation of machines by using the collected data constructively, which can eventually suggest different or modified structures and calibrations.

Bosch Rexroth maintains the objective of exploiting its know-how to make smart applications available to the various OEMs and their customers, capable of providing significant results for a wide variety of purposes. All this with an “openapproach, that allows for maximum system efficiency through the possibility of integrating Rexroth apps into existing telematic infrastructures, for example fleet management systems or geofencing.


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