MAN launched the Axial TCT turbocharger series specifically optimised for Tier III operation

At a ceremony in Piraeus, Greece in February, MAN Energy Solutions unveiled its TCT turbocharger series. The event took place at the premises of the local MAN PrimeServ Academy, the company’s after-sales division, where the guests witnessed MAN Energy Solutions’ Ralph Klaunig, Vice President and Alexander Schäfer, Vice President After-Sales, personally disassemble a TCT40 turbocharger.

The TCT series has been introduced to accompany and replace the TCA generation whose design has been continuously updated since its introduction but is now some 15 years old. With TCT turbochargers, MAN Energy Solutions can significantly reduce turbocharger dimensions to meet current market requirements. The company reports that a key focus during the design phase was a reduction in manufacturing and operating costs while maintaining compliance with thermodynamic requirements.

man turbocharger


Ralph Klaunig said: «We anticipate a positive market reception for the TCT series, which is a combination of new and proven design features specifically optimised for IMO Tier III engines. We’ve targetted a smaller, lighter design with a superior charging-efficiency, and a high air-pressure in this new generation. As our guests have just seen, the TCT concept is so service-friendly that even a pair of managers can take a unit apart».

Dionissis Christodoulopoulos, Managing Director MAN Energy Solutions Hellas, host of the TCT launch event, added: «It was truly a honour for our Greek office to host the global TCT Launch event. Our local two-stroke customers, who have long-standing relationships with MAN, appreciated to witness this new axial turbocharger generation».


A new look towards the future

The introduction of the TCT series means that MAN’s two-stage turbocharging solution can now achieve efficiency levels of up to 80%. MAN Energy Solutions states that it is currently offering just the TCT40 and TCT60 types, but expects the other TCT sizes to come on stream by 2020 and 2021. Furthermore, the TCT40 was already sold to two customers and is currently undergoing it’s first field test, while the TCT60 will be delivered to it’s first customer mid of 2020.

The company also states that the TCT is not only aimed at low-speed engines, but is also suitable for two-stage turbocharging on four-stroke engines. Alexander Schäfer said: «MAN TCT turbochargers are high-performance solutions that are built upon an unparalled foundation of proven technology. We have already signed agreements with some very prominent customers for two-stage turbocharging solutions, testament to the strength of the TCT concept».

MAN TCT turbochargers are suitable for conventional fuel and dual-fuel engines in both marine and power applications ranging from 6 MW up to 24 MW output per turbocharger.



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