Following an enforced hiatus as a result of the pandemic, the “Nacht der Technik” engineering and technology evening in Cologne is making its comeback this year and on this occasion Deutz opened its Technikum engine museum to the public. The museum showcases more than 150 years of engine history across 600 square meters of exhibition space. The original gas-powered engines made between 1867 and 1876 are among the items on display (in the opening picture, the first atmospheric gas engine presented by Nicolaus August Otto at the 1867 World Exhibition in Paris). Visitors can also look forward to a special exhibition dedicated to Deutz’s hydrogen engine, which was unveiled in 2021 and which, like those gas-powered originals, operates on a four-stroke cycle. 

The four-stroke engine was invented by Nicolaus August Otto, who founded the company which subsequently became Deutz AG. His tiny workshop in Cologne’s old town became a global company. Today, Deutz is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of innovative drive systems and a pioneer of carbon-neutral drive systems for off-highway applications. 

Deutz to present NAO Award 

Deutz will once again be a partner at this year’s Neuland conference, during which it will present its distinguished innovation prize, the Nicolaus August Otto Award. Named for the inventor of the four-stroke engine and founder of Deutz, the award sets out to recognize the visionaries of today and is endowed with prize money of €30,000 to promote a spirit of invention, research and innovation. The previous winners of the Nicolaus August Otto Award were Professor Anke Kaysser-Pyzalla, Chair of the Executive Board of the German Aerospace Center (DLR), Professor Wolfgang Reitzle, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Linde and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Continental, and Professor Günther Schuh, Chair of Production Engineering at RWTH Aachen University. 

Working hand in hand with business, policymakers, investors, and academics, the Neuland conference aims to find solutions for living in metropolitan regions in the future. German and international speakers will present new ideas for a future that is environmentally and economically sustainable. Key topics of the conference include digitalization, sustainability, transport solutions, sports and culture, energy, and Smart City. Markus Müller, Chief Technology Officer at Deutz, will take part in a panel discussion on the future of the hydrogen economy and provide insights into the company’s alternative drive technologies, such as the TCG 7.8 H2 hydrogen engine. 

Deutz are pioneers of carbon-neutral drive systems. The Neuland conference addresses issues that we are also focused on, such as the dawn of the new era of the hydrogen economy. We feel this is an ideal setting for presenting our innovation award,” says Müller. 

The congress takes place from June 28 to 29, 2022 and will be attended by numerous decision-makers and investors from the world of business. As well as Deutz, they include the CEOs of listed companies such as Daimler, Deutsche Bank, RWE, and Vonovia. Among the politicians confirmed is Volker Wissing, Federal Minister for Digital and Transport, along with other representatives of the national and federal state governments, as well as mayors from the Rhein-Ruhr municipalities. Panelists also include former top athletes and decision-makers from the field of sports, such as Franziska van Almsiek and Uli Hoeneß. 


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