FPT Industrial and the concept of the sea as a living organism rather than a resource to be plucked at will. With the ‘O’ alliance, both Valdibella and NoE in Sicily and La Seyne-sur-Mer Prud’homie in the Var Department in France initiatives and the European Clean Sea Life project, we’ve already seen confirmation of this.

FPT is official partner of Slow fish

And now the time has come to talk about Slow Fish. According to the company, FPT Industrial continues its active commitment to sustainability and its partnership with Slow Food, launched in December 2020, by becoming official partner of Slow Fish 2021 – The Water Cycles. The program for this edition includes online and face-to-face events. From 3 June at various locations in Italy’s Liguria region, and from 1 to 4 July at the Old Port in Genoa, the public will once again be able to visit the exhibition in the traditional format, with exhibitors and official stands run by the regional authorities to display the very best experiences on offer locally, together with restaurateurs, fishermen and the event partners, the Food Trucks and Breweries, the Laboratori del Gusto (Taste Workshops) and the Appuntamenti a Tavola (Dinner Dates).

FPT Slow fish

Sustainable Development Initiatives

«As a group that has now been heading the most prestigious international sustainability rankings for ten consecutive years,» states Daniela Ropolo, Head of Sustainable Development Initiatives at CNH Industrial, «we find it natural to support people and organizations that decide to make adifference in the area of environmental protection, making them the center of a virtuous circle of mindsets, lifestyles and consumption behaviors that is constantly expanding just like the circular ripples in water. The Slow Fish partnership forms part of a long-established association with Slow Food, which enables us to support organizations that promote sustainability on the ground, and make it their mission.»

«With our past projects, such as ‘Fishing for Plastic’, which removed three tonnes of plastic from the Adriatic coastlines, we’ve already proven how important the protection of the sea and its natural resources are to us,» states Egle Panzella, Sustainability Manager at FPT Industrial. «Being an Official Partner of Slow Fish is a privilege, and above all an opportunity to make new contacts that share our active commitment, and to give resonance to our sustainability vision. Through this partnership, we become part of an integrated project, in which every partner is actively committed to safeguarding the sea, the cradle of life on our planet, but unfortunately also the place where all the adverse consequences of incorrect behaviors inevitably become painfully clear.»

Genoa, Italy, from 1 to 4 July

FPT Industrial will be at Slow Fish at the Old Port in Genoa from 1 to 4 July with its own stand, which will display one of the brand’s marine engines together with the installation Consider yourself as a guest (Cornucopia), created by famous American artist Christian Holstad using recycled plastic waste. The installation was shown at Biennale Arte 2019 in Venice and at Artissima 2019 in Turin. From 3 June, FPT Industrial will also have a virtual stand on the Slow Fish digital platform.


FPT Industrial: let’s go, XC13

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