Fpt Industrial announced its commitment to art

With the site-specific installation by Christian Holstad, Consider yourself as a guest (Cornucopia), Fpt Industrial announced its commitment to support art.  The artwork will be exhibited at Ca’ Foscari University of Venice: from 9 to 11 May 2019 on the water of the Canal Grande and from 12 May to 12 June 2019, it will be displayed at the university yard.

The project reveals not only the interest of Fpt Industrial in the art world, considering also its role as the main sponsor of the Italian Pavilion at the 58th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, but also its commitment to sustainability and environmental protection, mainly of sea life, due to the importance that the production of marine motors has for the company.

Since April 2019, Fpt Industrial is indeed a partner for the European Clean Sea Life project which promotes awareness-raising activities aimed at protecting the sea from waste pollution. In 2018, the Clean Sea Life pilot initiative saw the involvement of twelve fishing boats from San Benedetto del Tronto which collected 385 kg of waste from the sea in just one day, demonstrating the need for spreading good practices.

A special project by artist Christian Holstad

Invited by Milovan Farronato, Christian Holstad conceived a site-specific piece of art, inspired by the constant news about pollution of the seas and oceans around the world, due to his focus on the subject of consumerism and its subsequent effect on the world.

A cornucopia, an ancient symbol of luck and abundance, made entirely with plastic waste, becomes the chance to reflect on the urgency of tackling the issue of pollution of our seas. The classical meaning of this iconic image is thus distorted by the artist, taking on a new negative sense of “excess”.

art fpt

Christian Holstad, the artist, said: «A past neighbor had a sign on their door which read “Consider yourself a guest”. I walked past it each day for years and it became an unintended mantra. Our dependence on plastics is not sustainable. Its effects are swelling into continents in our waters. Consider yourself a guest (Cornucopia) is a reflection of our impact on the planet and our consumptive roles within the growing plastic mass». The artwork aims to raise public awareness in a clear and immediate way.

Fpt Industrial celebrated Leonardo Da Vinci’s art for the 500th anniversary of his death

From Venice to Turin, Fpt Industrial is the main sponsor of the “Disegnare il futuro” (Drawing the future) and “L’uomo è modello del mondo” (The man is the model of the world) exhibitions. Both of these events celebrate the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death and illustrate how much his works and thinking have influenced science and art over the past five centuries.

The “Disegnare il futuro” exhibition in Turin, is now open, until July 14th, and the rooms of the Musei Reali will play host to the renowned Self Portrait as well as the Codex on the Flight of Birds, Nude studies for the Battle of Anghiari, and Studies of the front and back legs of a horse. Works that document da Vinci’s activity from his youth all the way to adulthood.

The “L’uomo è modello del Mondo” exhibition, that will last until July 14 as well, at the Galleria dell’Accademia in Venice, Italy has a comprehensive collection of works by Leonardo da Vinci on public display. The exhibition offers an interesting “excursus” of da Vinci’s works from 1478 to 1519. Among all of the works, the most striking is the renowned Study of human proportions, more commonly known as The Vitruvian Man, which became a symbol of classic perfection of the body and mind.

Carlo Moroni, Head of Communication at Fpt Industrial, said: «Thanks to studies deriving from thorough observation and analysis of nature, today da Vinci is regarded by many as a pioneer of modern principles for environmental sustainability. For this reason, he is a great source of inspiration for our brand, which has always demonstrated itself not only to be a pioneer, but also a leader and a market benchmark for technology, as well as being customer- and environmentally-focused. Like the master himself, we believe that continued commitment to research and development are fundamental factors that enable us to leave a mark with continuously innovative solutions».


Fpt is also promoting “Plastic fishing”

Fpt Industrial’s “Plastic fishing” project focuses on raising public awareness on the protection of the seas from pollution and waste. In May, about forty fishing boats from San Benedetto del Tronto (Ascoli Piceno, Italy) will collect and bring to shore all the plastic recovered during fishing. Every boat “fishes” about 16 kg of waste every day: a figure that shows how necessary it is to work on this front.

The fishing boats, many of which are equipped with Fpt Industrial marine engines, will work throughout the month of May, planning to collect about 7 tons of plastic. This project is part of a series of activities aimed at promoting social support for local communities around the world, such as Urban Forestry, a project focused on the creation of a new urban forest in the city of Turin, and “Yes, we Kenya” thanks to which it has donated an irrigation system to the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology in Nairobi. With the TechPro2 project, on the other hand, it also supports the social sector by promoting an international training program aimed at young people.

«We think that everyone can do their part in favor of the environment and Fpt Industrial is moving in this direction through concrete actions», said Egle Panzella, Head of Brand Equity, Sustainability and Heritage at Fpt Industrial. «Our seven Research & Development centers are committed every day to the study of alternative solutions that are increasingly respectful of the environment, such as natural gas, biomethane and hydrogen-powered engine concepts».



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