Nanni and PME for the British nautical sector

Nanni has just signed an agreement with PME Group. This will be Nanni’s official importer for the United Kingdom for the N5, N6, N9 and N13 engine ranges and the Nanni range of gensets.

The PME group, an acronym for Pilkington Marine Engineering, was founded in 1966. Since then it has worked to become a key interlocutor for marine and industrial engineering. Towards the end of the 1990s, PME Group operated as a limited liability company. Consequently, they have become the main service center for Man Marine & Industrial engines. Today the PME Group is specialized exclusively in Man products, which means a deep knowledge of their engines and their applications.

Even the company’s operational environment has changed radically in comparison with the early years of its beginnings. This was done thanks to the work of engineers who have been traveling all across the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Europe. The company could, therefore, acquire a very large customer base ranging through different sectors. From the private one, with motor boats up to 120 meters, to large boat builders, authorities, and other institutions.

Nanni and PME, a partnership for all needs

Speaking of the agreement the two companies just signed, the distribution will cover a wide range of commercial engines. As well, it includes groups for the generation of energy. In terms of power supply, the list starts from the 101 kW to 2,600 rpm of the N5.140 E series (AxC 106.4×127 mm). These are 4.5-liter 4-cylinder engines: all N5 series engines share this feature. Torque is 477 newton-meters at 1,800 rpm. Moving up there is the 6.8-liter 6-cylinder N6 series. This offers a power range of between 115 and 298 kilowatts.

Then there are the engines of the N9 series. Always 6 cylinders but with displacements in two configurations of 9 and 9.8 liters. In this case, the available powers oscillate between 242 kilowatts of the N9.330 CR2, up to 412 of the N9.600 CR2. At the top, there are the engines of the N13 series, the 6 cylinders, and 13.5 liters. This range offers power variants ranging from 317 to 559 kilowatts (respectively N13.430 CR2 and N13.800 CR2).

On the genset front, Nanni’s offer includes three main series, QMF, QMS, and QLS, for a total of 12 different configurations. 50 and 60 Hertz versions are available. Power ranges from 5 to 25.5 kilowatts for the first two series, and from 7.9 to 107 for the QLS. The available voltages range from 120 to 400 volts, always for the first two series, and from 120 to 480 for the third.


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