Scania and Whiteheaven, from the Scandinavian sea to to the Australian coral reef. The Whitehaven 8000 propulsion is powered by a couple of orange engines with the peak power at 2300 rpm and a peak torque of 4100 Nm at 1800 rpm. Top speed is 22 knots. The fabulous V8 challenges the competitors, brave of its well-known reliability and performance exuberance. Recently the truck version got up to 770 hp.

Scania and Whiteheaven

Scania and Whiteheaven. The biggest for the biggest

And now let’s read what happens in Australia. The most powerful Griffin engine was chosen to power the largest Whitehaven boat. We report what the Australian shipyard said about this new leisure boat. “The custom design and built Whitehaven 8000 is based on the iconic Finito and is the third boat in the range for our friends and valued clients, Ray and Denise. We asked them what advice they would give someone considering a Whitehaven and this is what they had to say.

What should we expect to see in your new Whitehaven 8000?

Our new boat will be very similar to our last Whitehaven 75, Finito, in layout and appearance. Finito functioned so well for our purposes it was hard to change. Our main reason was to house a larger tender in the tender garage as we do a lot of boating in remote areas of the Northern Territory. The other changes are more subtle such as larger navigation screens and upgraded night vision camera. We have tweaked the joinery and changed decor colours so the new boat has its own identity.

What do you most enjoy about building your motor yachts?

We enjoy the process and challenge of a new build, whilst it can be stressful at times it is also very rewarding. We have chosen to build a Whitehaven again as they are a tough well-built boat which can be customised to suit the owner’s style of boating. Whitehaven are great to deal with and do their best to meet their buyers wishes.

Whitehaven 8000
Whitehaven 7500

Where are you planning to cruise in your new Whitehaven?

As the new boat will arrive by ship on the Gold Coast via Brisbane, we will spend some time boating around the Broadwater and then possibly do a trip to Sydney, exploring beautiful Sydney Harbour then begin the long journey home to Darwin.  Once in Darwin our journeys are unlimited, such as the Kimberley, Tiwi Islands, New Year Island, Port Essington, Wessel Islands etc etc. We also enjoy doing harbour cruises with friends when weather does not permit us going further afield.

What advice would you give to someone considering custom building a motor yacht?

My advice to anyone wanting to build a Whitehaven is go for it, you can either order to your specifications and interior design and decor or do as we have and have an adventure, meet some wonderful people, become part of the friendly Whitehaven family, enjoy the hospitality of the factory and really stamp your personality on your boat.


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