Versilia Yachting Rendez-vous speaks internationally

The 2018 edition of the Versilia Yachting Rendez-vous has attracted 9,516 professional visitors, out of a total of 22,000 (+ 25% compared to 2017). Reporting official estimates, 59% arrived from the EU. Russia, United States, and the United Arab Emirates stood out of the remaining 41%.

Satisfaction among exhibitors was almost breathable. Many confirmations arrived from the main actors of the components production chain. A new entry also appeared: Twin Disc. It is the name that, in the range between 80 feet and 70 meters, symbolizes the electronic wheelhouse. In Viareggio, Twin Disc opted for an institutional approach, without displaying any product. Twin Disc presented the axis-axis joystick featuring the control system, both for propulsion and for maneuver propellers.

The two faces of the 13 liters

At Versilia Yachting Rendez-vous, the Fpt 13-liter split itself in two, thanks to Caterpillar designers. At the Cat stand there was the powerful engine C12.9 optimized, exclusively for the American market, to provide up to 1,000 horses. Among the available applications stands Azimut, as well as Ferretti and Sirena Marine.

Naval Motor Botti, which has its headquarter a few blocks away, represented FPT Industrial. What follows is an excerpt from the conversation we held with them.

«We are Fpt’s dealer on the Tyrrhenian coast, in Liguria, Tuscany, Lazio, and Sicily. We are responsible for the commercial management and the assistance network for marine, industrial and power generation».

For this fair, you have chosen the C13.

«It is the top of the range for marine applications, strong of its 825 horsepower and of excellent performance curves. It seemed a logical choice, because of the medium-high profile of this fair. Compared to the marine version for Caterpillar both the turbo and the ‘core’ are different».

It is inevitable to rely on alternatives. Hybrid, for Naval Motor Botti, matches with Nef.

«We have implemented a hybrid project with the Nef 6.7, together with Transfluid, for the Canard Yachts shipyard, which is located in Lazio. We are at the first start. The boat is currently in America. It because it was designed also for this market and the presentation took place in Palm Beach».

Daviddi Marine

Stefano Daviddi starts from … himself. Grown up in the Rama Marine environment, last year he established the company that bears his name and debuted at Seatec Carrara. The battle horses? Quantum, for stabilizers, Oys, for maneuvering propellers, Zenoro, for power generation, Xeamos, for after-treatment.

Diemax and others

Daviddi Marine was not the only preview. After its apparition at Mets 2017, Diemax showed itself for the first time in Italy. Italian Quality Yachts won the distribution of the automotive-like 6 liters 12 cylinder, whom origins date back to the 350 pounds mix between two 6 liters BMW (BxS 84×90 mm).

The definition ‘others’ is obviously reductive for it means Volvo Penta, which displays Easy Connect, and AFG. Behind this acronym, we can see the presence of KPS and Saim, for which it works as an authorized workshop for Viareggio. The 35Efkozd, powered by Kohler’s Kdi2.5 has its stage. Under the ‘others’ also Mase, the key player of a first apparition that gives prestige to the event. This is the VS12, the 12-kilowatt generator equipped by the Kubota D902.

Panel discussion and roundtable

The aspiring antagonist of Cannes could not miss a seminar calendar. The meeting entitled “The Italian boating starts again: Marine and territories in comparison” focused on the Italian domestic market (about 480,000 boats). The new registrations file records a waning curve, compared to other countries, whose percentage value is around 85, 9%. France, Croatia, Greece, and Montenegro guarantee the Italian pleasure craft with adequate infrastructure at sustainable costs.

Marco Cappeddu, Director General of Nautica Italiana commented on the meeting. «This roundtable wanted to instill a synergistic attitude, with sharing and listening playing a key role, in institutions as well as in the other actors. The conclusions gathered will be brought to the attention of the national sector institutions, from the perspective of a broader legislative reform of the sporting sector».


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