On Friday, 18 October, FPT Italia promoted, at Eataly Smeraldo in Milan, a show cooking led by journalist, anchorwoman and cooking expert Benedetta Parodi. The aim was to tell the story of the green supply chain for food and wine production. From the engine to the plate, you could say.

It all starts from the recipe

Brown the bacon in a pan without oil. Once cooked, add the finely chopped onion and the dried tomatoes cut into small pieces. Cook for a while, then add the puree, the peeled tomatoes and the cherry tomatoes cut in half. Adjust the salt, add the chili and cook over a low heat for 20 minutes. Meanwhile boil the pasta in salted water, drain and toss in the sauce with the chopped basil and cheese. The result is an excellent, simple and genuine first course. Accompanied, if possible and as recommended by Mrs Parodi herself, by a good wine, perhaps a Barbera.

A three-year partnership to tell the story of the green supply chain

But what’s behind all this? Agriculture, technology, sustainability. FPT Industrial and Eataly have signed a three-year partnership to tell the story of the green chain that brings food from the field to the table. Throughout the month of October, visitors to Eataly Milano Smeraldo will be able to learn about the ingredients of this special story.

Admiring, suspended on the stage of Eataly Smeraldo, the Cursor X, the concept of engine of the future, symbol of how FPT Industrial conceives technology, innovation and sustainability. The engine, designed for the Earth and for greener agriculture, is Multi-power because it can be powered by natural gas, electric batteries and hydrogen.


Promoters of the changes in agriculture

The ingredients in preparation for the cooking show.


FPT Industrial and Eataly describe the virtuous production process inside the store in four areas devoted to the food that most recalls the great Italian cuisine: wine, pasta, tomatoes and dairy products. FPT Industrial, with its engines, helps in sowing, harvesting and transporting high quality food products to our tables, putting sustainability at the centre of its research. Throughout its history, the brand has been the promoter of changes in agriculture, thanks to its innovative and environment-friendly engines. Today, about 40% of the wheat and 80% of the wine grapes, all over the world, are harvested using machines powered by FPT Industrial engines.


Technologies that respect the environment

“The partnership with Eataly makes us once again proud of our products and our mission, because we can tell and explain the role of our engines throughout the supply chain”, said Carlo Moroni, Head of Communication at FPT Industrial.

“The earth is tired. We therefore welcome technologies that express environmental responsibility“, explains Francesco Farinetti, CEO of Eataly. “The agricultural sector’s production chain is witnessing virtuous changes through technologies that respect for the environment. If we can play our small part by telling our customers about these new frontiers, we are very happy to do so”.


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