Agritechnica 2019. There was no crowd at the entrance, at least until Tuesday, there was no Deutz, but there were some interesting news from OEMs: many, starting from Fendt, have upgraded the high power ranges. And among the engines? Here we will talk about the previews: FPT Industrial, MAN, Kohler, Cummins and John Deere. Let’s start from Turin: it’s called F28, it keeps below the threshold of 56 kilowatts and fills the hole between the 2.2 VM Motori based and the 3.2 litres diesel-engine, Diesel of the year 2008.

F28 diesel and gas engines unveiled at FPT Industrial booth

Agritechnica 2019: Fpt industrial and MAN Engines

The driver of the innovation first invests the power density: the 55 kilowatts are powered by compact engine block, ideal for the turning radius of specialized and utility tractors. What is most striking about the F28, however, is its dual nature: the same stroke and bore for the diesel and the gas versions. As Fabio Rigon, Vice President of FPT Industrial Europe, says: «We will also offer a natural gas version of the engine to meet the demand for alternative fuels in the agricultural sector».
At MAN Engines’ home to Agritechnica 2019 you can feel satisfaction during the presentation of the D4276 to the agricultural audience. After the launch at Bauma, Fendt choose the 16.2 litre for the Ideal 10 combine: 581 kilowatts and 3,400 Newton meters between 1,350 and 1,600 rpm. Reiner Rössner, Head of Sales, comments: «With the D4276, we are offering OEMs an engine that is easy to integrate and which will help differentiate their machines from the competition thanks to its unique performance characteristics».

MAN D4276

Agritechnica 2019: Cummins and Kohler

Cummins believes in agriculture: after the 6.7 liters-engine with the structural sump, unveiled two years ago, at Agritechnica 2019 it was time for the 4 cylinders, in the range from 67 to 149 kW. «As part of our Performance Series range, the F3.8 will offer superior performance and substantial productivity benefits for farmers running Cummins-powered equipment,» explains Ann Schmelzer, General Manager Global Agriculture at Cummins.

Cummins stand. The 6 and 4 cylinders engines with structural sump


Kohler presents Check App, just a click away. You can register all engines with serial number Kohler and get a general overview of the engine’s work and parameters. Talking about diesel engines, the KDI range is officially expanded with 105 kW and 650 Nm rating, versions without aftercooler and the full range of powerpacks to offer plug&play to less structured OEMs.

John Deere goes electric

John Deere goes straight to electrification and 13.6 litres diesel-engine. The Deer’s electrical system goes through modular solutions that use the same components. Modularity is also expressed in the attention to hydraulic connections, such as the Electric Pump Drive, and, in general, to a compromise between electrical and mechanical to facilitate customers in the installation.

We’ll soon be telling you the rest of what we saw. Agritechnica 2019 has much more to tell.




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