Bonfiglioli acquired 100% of O&K Antriebstechnik Gmbh

Bonfiglioli and Carraro officially completed their journey started with the agreement signed by the two companies in November 2015. Three years later, in November 2018, with 17 million euros Bonfiglioli took home the remaining shares of O&K Antriebstechnik GmbH, becoming the only owner.

This was the natural conclusion of a path that since 2015 has brought the business related to O&K Antriebstechnik products from 36 million euros in 2015 to 65 million in 2018.


Bonfiglioli only owner of O&K

Few words from the two companies

Sonia Bonfiglioli, President of Bonfiglioli Riduttori, said: «We are very satisfied with the progress made with Carraro over the years and this has led us, in advance on the deadline, to finalize the acquisition of 100% of O&K Antriebstechnik GmbH. The strategic intention to leverage the excellent complementarity of the market between Bonfiglioli and O&KA, as well as the consistency of positioning of the two brands, i.e. the reasons for Bonfiglioli’s interest in the German company, have found a very positive response in the market as well as triggering decisively virtuous operational synergies. It is our intention to continue on the path traced by maximizing the expansion process in the construction, mining and machinery market for the marine, port and airport sectors, thus extending the Bonfiglioli world leadership area also in the transmission and control of high power».

From Carraro’s point of view, Enrico Carraro, Chairman of the Group, said: «In such a particularly dynamic market context, which sees us engaged in our main sectors of reference in every area of ​​the world, we have seized the opportunity to accelerate the sale of the remaining share of O&K Antriebstechnik in a logic of further focusing on our core business. The validity of the path that started three years ago together with a serious partner such as the Bonfiglioli Group found also confirmation in the excellent results of the German company which has found its natural business environment».

But there’s more, Bonfiglioli also focuses on modern materials and advanced production processes

Bonfiglioli has decided to engage in research for the future. As a member of the consortium Izadi-Nano2Industry, Bonfiglioli launched the Tribonano project with the aim of developing modern materials and advanced production processes. Tribonano is one of the three projects of the Izadi-Nano2Industry consortium. The goal of this international project of the European Union, promoted by the Horizon 2020 program, is the production of better, more durable and environmentally friendly products that allow the transition of nanotechnologies from the laboratory to the application in the industry.

The project concerns the treatment and coating of surfaces of metal components, combining nanostructured powder, metal coatings in cermets and thermal spray technologies to produce more durable and reliable metal components.

The company has integrated in the Tribonano project the valve plate and the oscillating plate, two components for hydraulic motors that are part of mobile machines for construction and agriculture and of other operating machines. Thanks to the new production processes, Bonfiglioli’s hydraulic motors aim to achieve greater efficiency and longer life compared to the common engines on the market. The new nanotechnology reduces engine maintenance costs and it is also environmentally friendly.



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