C16 1000 by Fpt Industrial: Diesel of the year 2014 on the water

C16 1000. The Fpt Industrial 15.9 marinized version was finally shown to the Cannes Yachtig Festival. In 2014 Cursor 16 was awarded by the Diesel of the year. On March 2018 Cursor 16 led Fabio Buzzi, the ‘captain’ of FB Design, in breaking the speed record, previously obtained by himself. The premiere of the production version is come to Cannes, in front of FPT Industrial top management, led by Annalisa Stupenengo, who broke the seal, introducing the ‘newborn’ marine engine.

C16 1000


The power is rated on the critical threshold of 1,000 HP (735 kilowatts), for a maximum torque of 3,500 Newtonmeter and a torque to maximum power of 3,058 Nm. The real ace in the hole is compactness, with a volume almost equivalent to that of the Cursor 13, just 6 millimeters larger than the 13 liters diesel engine. Compactness allows C16 1000 to compete with the 13-liter Caterpillar, Nanni Diesel and Volvo Penta.

C16 1000 in details

C6 1000 replicates the 6-cylinder architecture used in industrial applications. It also fits the Bosch common rail, in one of the best performing versions, up to 2,200 bar, to spray the fuel homogenously into the combustion chamber, assisted by double stage turbo with waste gate valves. As the industrial declinations has extended the maintenance interval to 600 hours, it adopts a blow-by designed to improve the vapors recovery and green filters for better treatment of engine oils


C16 1000

Switching from an harvester engine vain to a yacht engine room means enhance the engine to support an over-stressed cycle, working at maximum speed for a few hours. It one hand, it means working in environments free from the atmospheric pollutants, such as construction sites and fields, in the other hand it means tolerate a high rate of salinity.

R & D focused on cylinder block, in compact graphite cast iron (a solution transferred by the off-road engine block), crankshaft and bearings, con-rods, steel pistons, rings, increased flows for oil and water circuits with a professional bronze body and impeller sea water pump)




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