Diesel International is gradually turning into Powertrain. You’ll see a different logo, as well as, a different name, on our e-magazine, website, newsletters and social media accounts. We’ve decided to rename our editorial platform in the name of the so-called energy transition, which surrounds the evolution of the industrial scenario on a daily basis. Nevertheless, it’s quite important to clear up a misunderstanding: Diesel International’s renaming is not the result of a desire to exclude the Diesel engine from our agenda and vocabulary.

From Diesel International to Powertrain: ICE and renewable fuels

As a matter of fact, the ICE remains the leading powertrain player and boasts the features of sustainability, as we outlined it in the Sustainable Powertrain Tour. Efficiency, cost-effectiveness, deployment, infrastructure, combustion optimization and emission reduction make the diesel engine the ‘best in class’ for industrial applications, whether on-road, off-highway, stationary or marine. 

On the path to decarbonisation, the combustion chamber must be optimized, and renewable fuels such as biodiesel, synthetic fuels, and E-fuel must be improved and shared. There is a paradigm that needs to be debunked in light of real-world requirements, workloads and duty cycles, available infrastructure, incentives and public policies, as well as fuel supply and economics (aka TCO).


No one size fits all

The feeling is that not a single technology may prevail, but several possible solutions are likely to compete, at least in the current decade: fossil fuels, alternative fuels, gasification, hybridization, electrification, and hydrogen.

Each of these necessitates a deep component and storage infrastructure adaptation. That is why we chose the name ‘Powertrain’ rather than simply ‘Power’. It’s no longer just a matter of producing mechanical or electric kilowatts. In order to achieve efficiency and sustainability, the entire component universe must be optimized, from electronics to mechatronics, filtration, lubrication and so on.

Powertrain, either magazine or web channels, will give a significant contribution to the above-mentioned scenario, based on the daily contact with our professional environment and also sourcing the synergies derived from our network, namely Sustainable Bus and the next step, Sustainable Truck&Van, coming soon… 


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