New Holland goes big at Eima with Fiat Centenary Limited Edition

The special specimens of the Fiat Centenary Limited Edition range developed by New Holland to celebrate the centenary of the first Fiat tractor output from the assembly line, were undoubtedly the most photographed tractors of the 2018 edition of Eima International.


Fiat Centenary

A history one hundred years long: it all started with Model 702

Developed in the last years of the First World War, the Model 702 had to be the solution to the lack of manpower in agriculture. Most of the fields were uncultivated or abandoned. To increase productivity urgently, it was necessary to mechanize the sector and the Model 702 was perfect to manage this challange.

Specifically developed to meet the needs of the widest possible range of static and dynamic applications, it was equipped with a 4-cylinder engine, rear-wheel drive, steering front axle and rigid rear axle, an unusual choice for the era. Another unusual solution was the adoption of the Fordson tractor approach. It was equipped with a load-bearing propeller, which didn’t require a chassis. Compared to the Fordson machine, designed for loose terrain and the immense plains of North America, the Model 702 was more powerful and better suited for the more difficult and often hilly European terrains.

After numerous field tests, the Model 702 was presented to the Italian authorities on 14 August 1918. It was the official debut of one of the most iconic tractors in the history of agriculture. The following year, thanks to the success demonstrated on the field, Fiat signed supply agreements with agricultural consortiums throughout Italy and began the production of 1,000 tractors. Thus the first standard Fiat tractor was born, and the mechanization of Italian agriculture began.

The prototype and the six limited edition models

The Fiat Centenario prototype, inspired by the 90 Series and created by the Design Center of Cnh Industrial, is inspired by the iconic range of Fiat tractors, updating the design with the fluidity of modern lines. The decals on the hood, based on those of the 90 Series, have the function to link the Fiat tradition to the current New Holland vision.

The commemorative tractors of the Fiat Centenary Limited Edition range will be available for customers in six models, in the Utility, Special and Track versions (T5.120 EC, T5.115, T4.110F with cab, T4.110LP ROPS, T4.110FB ROPS and TK4.110 ROPS). Each tractor will have a numbered plate, specific for the 100 specimens of the limited edition series.

A thought goes also to the F34 of Fpt Industrial, which combines particularly well with agricultural applications of this kind (also for this special occasion). Recalling that the 3.4 L F34 is in fact an excellent solution for applications below 56 kW, providing a particular reactivity to the engine. The F34 model integrates a 2-valve cylinder head, a Common Rail injection system and a turbocharger with Wastegate.

Not to forget that for applications above 56 kW there is also the F36, born for Stage V and that, compared to 3.4 L, increases the displacement to 3.6 L without changing the external dimensions. The F36 made its appearance on display at Eima 2018.


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