Hatz at Conexpo: all the ways of technology

Hatz at Conexpo
Hatz 1B30E and 1D90E


Hatz at Conexpo: E1, 3H5oT, 4.0, augmented reality and so on. We start from the E1 technology, showed at Bauma Munich, that allows single cylinder electronic control. As Bernhard Richter-Schützeneder, Hatz Sales and Marketing Director, explained to us in Munich: «This is the electronic control of the fuel pump and nebulizer, which allows you to know the fuel delivery in the combustion chamber and to keep all the injection and combustion parameters under control. With the E1, the Canbus comes into play». In the midst of a next major step towards Industry 4.0, the E1 technology is the starting point for the digitisation of compact engines for Hatz. For example, hand-guided machines, mobile light masts or power generators are being taken into a networked future. Features include the availability of data on all engine performance characteristics, the possibility of round-the-clock localisation, evaluation of equipment utilisation or the ability to perform remote diagnostics and maintenance.

Hatz at Conexpo
Hatz 3H50T

Hatz brought at Conexpo also 3H50T

And now we move to 3H50T model. The 18.4 kilowat pack rounds off the lower end of the H Series range of engines. With almost 130 Newton metres, the 3H50T engine has the highest torque in its class on the market and achieves EPA tier 4 final standards in the USA and EU Stage V without any exhaust emission after-treatment. When it comes to its torque, the 3H50T is quite capable of replacing an engine from a higher power class without any problems. In the class up to 19 kilowatts, it therefore serves the range of engines that normally covers a magnitude of up to almost 37 kilowatts. In addition, it impresses largely due to its dynamism, easy maintenance and quiet running. The basic design of the Hatz 3H50T is ready for installation and use and can be universally employed in stationary and mobile machines as well as in working machines.  The Hatz 3H50T is also available as an open power unit (OPU). The cooler and intercooler are mounted free of vibration and can be delivered as a complete system ex works.

Hatz at Conexpo
Maintenance with AR glasses

And the IoT?

What about augmented reality ? Maren Hellwig, specialist in the Internet of Things at Motorenfabrik Hatz, explains that «Particularly in the case of maintenance, technicians are expected to have engine-specific instructions with them, to be able to carry out the maintenance job. For example, when I approach a component with a mixed-reality glasses or a tablet, our solution shows me all the information that I need to carry out a professional maintenance job. I am also guided in how I can service or replace the relevant component. The efficiency of service assignments can be improved enormously for everyone involved.»




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