Hatz received the “Highest Reputation” seal of approval by Focus and Focus-Money

Hatz recently received the “Highest Reputation” seal of approval, ranking among the 129 best mechanical engineering companies in the Deutschland Test. Over 5,000 German brands from over 150 sectors have been analysed by the Institute for Management and Economic Research (IMWF) in the period of twelve months, from March 2018 to February 2019.

The evaluation took place in the areas of sustainability, management, employer performance, profitability, products and service. Companies that achieved at least 67 out of 100 possible points made it onto the list of the best rated. In the mechanical engineering category, only 129 companies were able to stand out of the crowd from the big competition, including Hatz with 78 points.

hatz highest reputation

Bernd Krüper, Ceo at Hatz, said: «The entire workforce, including the management team, usually has a personal opinion of their own company’s reputation. In the past, Hatz has always received good feedback both internally and from business partners as well as customers. The large number of visitors and the feedback at Bauma 2019 were also very positive. The icing on the cake is an official confirmation of our excellent reputation and we are delighted that we scored excellently in the Deutschland Test. One more reason for us to continue and strengthen our strategy and our commitment».


The reliability of the Hatz 2L41 for the XTJ37+

Not only Germany recognized the value of Hatz’s reputation, this year also the “Italian neighbors” from Palazzani decided to rely on Hatz engines for a special task. In particular, we are talking about the newcomer in the spider aerial platforms family, the XTJ37+. The coprotagonist operates, of course, under the Hatz name and it’s the 2L41, part of the L-Series already well known for the reliability in terms of long service life and robust design. The power output is at 18.8 kW, with a torque of 99.8 Nm.

A few words also on the machine: the XTJ37+ offers the versatility of a spider (pun intended). Narrow and compact, either for driving and set-up, it can work at heights from -5 to +37 meters with easy and direct movements and with no tail swing. It features an automatic set-up with outriggers individually rotating and articulating on 6 different positions and a 660° boom rotation, under any set-up condition.

Working areas with 120, 230 and 330 kg SWL are monitored by automatic “area manager” safety system. A 200 or 250 kg electric winch is interchangeable with the aerial cage and also the 500 kg hydraulic winch.

The XTJ 37+ increases the existing range of Ragno Palazzani platforms, that includes models from 17 to 52 m in height, and it will be available in tracked, wheeled and Bi-energy, ECO and Hybrid versions.



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