ICIS (Independent Commodity Intelligence Services), a global source of commodity intelligence, announced the launch of a new, free weekly hydrogen market overview, “ICIS Hydrogen Market Watch”. The ICIS Hydrogen Market Watch acts as a central resource for market participants to monitor key developments in the nascent hydrogen market. The overview presents market participants with pricing information and coverage of core developments across policy, regulations and more, supporting them in making investment decisions in this important commodity for the future.

Jake Stones, Hydrogen Specialist at ICIS, said, “Hydrogen is one of the key enablers for the energy transition. However, although there is already large hydrogen usage, there is not enough clarity to establish a global market on the level needed for the future. ICIS is therefore producing this free weekly overview to support both price and information transparency to support market growth.”

The hydrogen market is currently opaque, which hinders new entrants as they cannot gauge return on investment. Although there is a lot of disparate information available, this weekly summary focuses on essential developments, giving market participants clear, actionable insights across policy, regulation and pricing.

Supporting investment decisions with a reliable insight about the market and pricing transparency will help bring clarity to the hydrogen market,” continues Stones. “This new intelligence service will feature ICIS’ hydrogen assessment information for unabated Steam Methane Reforming (SMR), commonly referred to as grey hydrogen, low-carbon SMR and low-carbon Autothermal Reforming (ATR) and wholesale power market electrolysis. The overview will also show the cost premium between low-carbon hydrogen and grey hydrogen.”

ICIS Hydrogen Market Watch will include an ammonia-to-hydrogen assessment, providing the cost of hydrogen from imported ammonia, which represents a large proportion of hydrogen production. This is a market-based assessment based on the pricing of ammonia. It will also include insights from across the hydrogen economy, such as articles and whitepapers, and will feature the ICIS Hydrogen Insights podcast series.

While the future energy mix will be diverse, hydrogen has a big role to play. If we are going to meet our decarbonisation targets, it is essential that we have transparency in this developing market. ICIS helped to create the European Gas market, through its forerunner Heren Energy, hence the Heren Index and ICIS TTF, and we are confident that the ICIS Hydrogen Market Watch will help move the Hydrogen market a big step forward,” concludes Stones.


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