MTU and Claas have been working closely together for more than two decades. Back in March 2018, the MTU Series 1000, 1100, 1300 and 1500 engines were awarded certificates for compliance with EU Stage V emissions standard. The groundwork leading up to certification lay in some 110,000 hours of field testing, the majority of which were spent at Claas.

MTU and Claas

In search of new markets

Derived from Daimler commercial vehicle engines, the MTU engines cover 115 to 480 kW power output. Compliance with the new emissions limits has been achieved by internal engine enhancements and by adding an SCR system and additional diesel particulate filter. As well as reduced CO2 emissions, the torque, performance and fuel consumption of the engines have all been improved.


The two companies also act jointly at an international level in capturing new markets. Their next project concerns certification of MTU engines for use in China.

Not only MTU and Claas: the partnership with 2G Energy

Speaking about partnerships, the Rolls-Royce Power Systems sealed a contract of cooperation with 2G Energy, specialist in gas-powered generator sets and CHP modules covering the mutual supply of gas-powered gensets.


Rolls-Royce is to procure from 2G gas-powered generator sets and cogeneration modules in the 250 to 550 kW power range with and without heat extraction. After adding its own controllers and other specific components, Rolls-Royce will then market the systems under its MTU product and solution brand. In return, Rolls-Royce will supply 2G with MTU gas-powered generator sets based on Series 4000 engines delivering 776 to 2,535 kW.

MTU and Claas
Rolls-Royce Power Systems business unit of sealed a contract of cooperation with 2G Energy


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