Rolls-Royce Power Systems 2018. Looking towards 2019

Rolls-Royce Power Systems 2018, an year with a big closure. One item in particular leads to optimism for the current year, concerning the expectations of 3.6 billion orders. After the euphoria recorded in the engines world, also due to the increase in pre-buy actions, and to the decisive recovery of earthmoving, Rolls-Royce Power Systems 2018 meant a 15 percent growth, for a total turnover of 3.9 billion euros.

rolls oryce power systems 2018

Andreas Schell, Managing Director of Rolls-Royce Power Systems and Head of the Power Systems Division, said: «Not only have we benefited from strong demand for our products thanks to the favorable state of the global economy, we are also observing the results of our hard work on the transformation program that made us much more profitable. Our portfolio of optimized and updated products and services has been welcomed by customers».

Marcus A. Wassenberg, Chief Financial Officer and Head of Human Resources at Rolls-Royce Power Systems also added: «With our RRPS 2018 change program, we have substantially restructured the division’s cost organization, for example by eliminating one quarter of the product variants. This intervention not only produced favorable results in 2018, but also created a solid and long-term oriented company structure, which we will use to implement the PS 2030 strategy».

Andreas Schell and Marcus A. Wassenberg

The medium and long term goal of Rolls-Royce Power Systems is to become a solution provider.

Speaking of the results achieved in 2018, Andreas Schell said: «2018 was the proof that we are on the right path with the transition to hybrids and electrification of the powertrain, with gas engines and digitalisation, adding new technologies to our portfolio».

Schell then went on to indicate the way to find the right position in the two endless Asian markets, China and India, and not only that: «We are progressively entrusting ourselves to partnerships in different geographical areas and on different themes. Our intention is to grow together with our partners».



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