The 12th edition of the International Fluid Power Conference (IFK) will take place at the International Congress Center in Dresden, Germany, from 12 to 14 October 2020, representing one of the most important international exchange platform of science, research and industry in the field of fluid power drives.

The event was supposed to be held last March, but the organizers and partners had to postpone it due to the coronavirus outbreak.

12th International Fluid Power Conference

The 12th International Fluid Power Conference and the coronavirus

Then, we can say that more than 12 eventful weeks have passed since the IFK team around Prof. Jürgen Weber decided to postpone the conference. Restrictions on contact and business activities as well as countless other measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus have dictated and continue to dictate our everyday life and professional life. The impact of the virus was not foreseeable at the time of the postponement decision, yet it confirmed the organizers’ actions with the benefit of hindsight.

More than 100 international technical papers

The meantime was intensively used to resolve the organizational difficulties that inevitably evolved through the postponement of the conference. The scheduled program, with more than 100 international technical papers on current developments and novel applications in the field of fluid power, can remain in its entirety. Moreover, the authors have explicitly been given all the freedom to expand their articles with additional findings that have been generated in the meantime.

12th International Fluid Power Conference


AS Labruna at METS 2023

AS Labruna is at home at the RAI of Amsterdam, the 2023 edition of METS is the 10th successive attendance

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