The group based in Fabbrico, Emilia, Northern Italy, comes home from Agritechnica with an almost en plein from the Tractor of the year awards: Argo Tractors collected the Best of Specialized (Landini) and Best of Utility (McCormick) prizes.

ARGO Tractors at Agritechnica: a double shot (together with Deutz and FPT Industrial)

‘Behind every great man is a great woman’, a sentence conventionally attributed to the British novelist Virginia Wolf (we apologise for the hint of patriarchal aftertaste). So, behind a great tractor there is definitely a great engine. In this case there is the 4-cylinder Diesel engines F36 Stage V from FPT Industrial, able to provide 83.8 kW, and the Deutz TCD2.9, power ratings from 55.1 to 80 kW, Diesel of the year 2010.

ARGO Tractor of the year Best of utility

“Compact, robust, versatile, and connected, the McCormick X5.120 P3-Drive is the ideal utility vehicle for daily use on the farm”. With this motivation, the McCormick X5.120 P3-Drive came out on top in the Best Utility category. The main new feature is the new P3-Drive transmission: 36+12 or 48+16 with creeper, designed and manufactured entirely in-house by Argo Tractors, allows a combination of 3 PowerShifts (HML) with 4 robotised gears for each range, offering 12 automatically controlled ratios. Everything is conveniently controlled by the ergonomic SmartPilot joystick, taking advantage of the Auto PowerShift (APS) function both for field operations (AutoField) and road transport (AutoRoad). Equipped with a 3.6-litre, 4-cylinder, 16-valve, Stage V compliant FPT F36 engine, the range delivers 95 to 114hp that is always available and maximum torque ranging from 395 to 460 Nm, all in a compact tractor with a wheelbase of 2,354 mm. Other special features include the Advanced Driving System+, which allows advanced steering functions, while the combination of suspended axle and cab ensures high operator comfort.

Argo Tractor of the year
Fpt Industrial F36

And the Best of specialized

“With the Landini Rex4-120 GT Roboshift Dynamic, Argo Tractors has raised the bar for specialized vineyard and orchard tractors” reads an equally glowing statement listing the reasons for achieving the Best of Specialized 2024 award, highlighting the main features of the Roboshift transmission, 48 Forward + 16 Reverse with electro-hydraulic reverse shuttle and 4 fully robotised driving gears and HML, which can be operated in automatic or sequential mode thanks to the intuitive SmartPilot Plus joystick that brings together the controls for driving and working operations and is located on the new adjustable multifunction armrest. The Dynamic version includes the option of the autonomous driving system that allows, with the help of integrated sensors, automatic parallel driving between rows, including Advanced Driving System that is ideal for absorbing unevenness in the terrain and optimising work in the field and on the road. It is the first specialezed tractor with a suspended cab which, together with the front axle with adjustable hydraulic suspension, ensures a level of comfort that exceeds class standards. Completing the package are the ISObus system for implements management, the Landini Fleet & Remote Diagnostic Management, the agronomic solution named Landini Farm.

The ARGO Tractors CEO says

The ‘Tractor of the Year’ jury”, stated Valerio Morra, “perfectly grasped the unique features of our products, which are always at the cutting edge thanks to the extraordinary work done in the company and the commitment of our R&D department. Argo Tractors is aware of the fundamental role it plays in the global agricultural mechanisation sector and that it has concrete possibilities, capabilities and tools to continue its business activities with determination and success, supporting the market, customers, suppliers and companies, with a continuous focus on environmental sustainability, safety and the human factor. These triumphs confirm the strength and determination to implement products and services of excellent quality”.


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