Palazzani has launched the TZX spider lift, in both hybrid and electrified versions. The diesel-electric, Bi-energy in the Italian name, entrusts the keys to the ICE to the Kubota Z602, a 600 cubic centimetre twin-cylinder engine (AxC 72×73.6 millimetres) able to provide 10.9 kilowatts at 3,600 rpm, naturally aspirated.

Palazzani TZX

Palazzani TZX. Spider lift from Italy

Let’s leave it to Palazzani to explain the technical contents. “The Spider TZX 250 is a new entry in Palazzani’s broad range,” they say, “enriching the current TZX range, which now begins at 17 meters and goes up to 25 meters.” With two articulated and telescopic arms from the TZX series, the latest model has a fascinating working diagram, as is typical of Palazzani’s models. Because of the aluminum frame with oversized parts, this arm device increases aerial agility and a comfortable feeling in the basket. The TZX 250 has a maximum working height of 25 meters with no movement limitations and a maximum outreach of 10.6 meters, all while weighing only 2660 kilograms. Designed to be extremely compact when transported, 5123 mm in length, 980 mm in width and only 1921 mm in height, even when operating it is only 2840 mm in width, making the most difficult accesses possible. The new Spider has excellent performance and ease of use, already known and appreciated on all the Spiders Palazzani’s range. The descent of the outriggers can be carried out with a manual or automatic system and, depending on the needs, it is possible to have a double placement (wide and narrow), on slopes up to 19%. The lowered centre of gravity offers excellent stability even when moving on uneven terrain and on slopes of up to 23% in the tracked version and 21% in the wheeled version.


The standard 1400×700 mm bucket is made of aluminium, with a capacity for 1 or 2 people (120 or 200 kilos), and can be easily dismantled if necessary to move around in tight spaces. It is equipped with fixed hydraulic controls and a 230V socket for the use of working tools. The availability of the air/water hose as an option also allows all facade cleaning tasks to be carried out. Thanks to the optional “Return to home” function, the operator can fully retract the booms into the transfer position at the touch of a button. Moreover, like all Palazzani’s Spiders, the basket can be equipped with an advanced anti-collision system, with laser and ultrasounds on all sides, which avoids collisions or crushing accidents in environments where the presence of obstacles can present a safety problem.

BI-Energy and Eco

The new Ragno TZX 250 extends the already wide range of Ragno Palazzani platforms, which today boasts models from 17 to 52 m in height, and is available in Tracked, Wheeled and Bi-energy (Diesel+AC) and ECO (AC+DC) versions with lead acid or lithium batteries.


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