Weycor is a builder unknown to many. But when we talk about Atlas Weyhausen instead, memories immediately surface. The classic orange color and the Atlas brand, still active today in hydraulic excavators, immediately place Weycor in a very specific historical path. Which today sees the brand continue a tradition of high technology linked to hydrostatic transmission. Continuing in the vein of a German DNA that has seen the presence of many large manufacturers of wheel loaders with this fundamental characteristic.

Weycor’s current range is divided into two major product lines: wheel loaders and tandem and combined compactors. Two ranges that cover the market in order to satisfy the predominant demand in these two product categories, taking into account above all, in the case of wheel loaders, that the reference markets for Weycor are the German and French ones, countries where wheel loaders are a constant presence on any construction site with a large presence of compact and medium models. And it is precisely in that range that Weycor is concentrated.

Weycor AR680, at the top of the manufacturer’s range

The manufacturer’s wheel loaders have the initials marked by the two letters AR, an acronym which stands for Atlas Radlader which translated from German means Atlas wheel loader. A range of loaders that is currently segmented into four weight classes and, of course, performance. At the top we have the XXL Class (as defined by Weycor) which includes five models. With the AR680 taking the top step with an operating weight of 14,800 kg, an output of 160 kW (218 hp) and a standard bucket capacity of 3.00 m3.

The basic architecture incorporates a conventional scheme used by the vast majority of manufacturers with the cooling unit located in the rear area of the machine. Weycor focuses on fundamental elements that distinguish the commonly known “made in Germany” and which can be summarized in a high quality level in which driving comfort, ease of use and “connoisseur” content can make the difference in daily use.

Weycor AR680, powered by Deutz TCD6.1 L6

Deutz at the service of hydraulics

Weycor AR680 is powered by Deutz TCD6.1 L6 Stage V. It is a 6.1-liter in-line 6-cylinder that delivers 160 kW (218 hp) @ 2,000 rpm. Maximum torque of 900 Nm is available at 1,450 rpm. It is very interesting that 145 kW (197 hp) of power is already available at that regime. And Weycor focuses precisely on this flexibility to optimize both road travel and hydraulic system adjustments.

The Deutz TCD6.1 L6 Stage V uses the patented DVERT module which includes the SCR and DPF in a single element. The injection system consists of the Deutz Common-Rail (DCR) and the electronic engine governor (EMR4). Thanks to a continuous connection between the various elements of the system, it allows a strong efficiency in terms of fuel, optimizing the operation of the engine. This is based on the actual operational needs of the Weycor AR680 hydraulic system.


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