Yanmar and Carraro, two main characters of the specialized tractors environment, have recently relaunched a strong relationship.

Yanmar and Carraro
The 4TNV88C at the Yanmar stand at Agritechnica 2015

Yanmar and Carraro in the words of the Italian OEM

We quote the Antonio Carraro official press release, just to well understand the reasons of this partnership: «A salient feature of Yanmar is the extraordinary reliability of a Japanese brand at the top of the world for efficiency and widespread service network in the world. Just think that Yanmar’s 50 hp, 4TNV88-BDCR engine alone is among the most widespread on the global market.
The maintenance of the Japanese manufacturer’s engines is easy and very economical, as the operations to be done to keep the engine well running are truly elementary. In terms of diesel consumption, Yanmar is also one of the brands on the market with the best ratio between power output and reduced consumption».


The reasons given by the tractor manufacturer based in north-eastern Italy do not end there. «Mounted on the Antonio Carraro tractor, the Yanmar engine is well balanced, in order to limit as much as possible the vibrations transferred to the operator and the vehicle itself, thus preserving the comfort and integrity of the tractor. But what continues to amaze even the most experienced technicians in the Antonio Carraro research and development department is that it starts up, with an immediate start, in all types of climatic conditions».

Among compact manufacturers engines Antonio Carraro also established agreements during the recent years with Kubota and Kohler.

Antonio Carraro Tony V8900 at Sitevi

During the French exhibition Sitevi 2019 in Montpellier, Antonio Carraro presented a preview of the Tony V 8900, characterized by a chassis with very narrow track width, specifically designed for vineyards with reduced inter-row spacing, typical of some areas with a very high viticultural vocation. It should be noted that the new Tony V 8900, still in the prototype phase, will not be available on the market before 2021 and will be available in two versions: ‘V’ (Narrow Vineyard) with a width of just one meter and ‘VL’ (Wide Vineyard).

Yanmar and Carraro
The prototype Tony V8900 at Sitevi Montpellier





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