There is a new dual-fuel power plant, namely Maria Gleta, near the city of Cotonou, in Benin. The plant was recently inaugurated by Dona Jean-Claude Houssou, the Minister for Energy of Benin, as well as representatives of MAN Energy Solutions and BWSC.

It is quite an important news for the African nation, as it is capable to ensure a stable and low-emission power supply, thus providing conditions for positive future economic prospects.

«The Maria Gleta power plant increases Benin’s capacity for electricity generation by more than 50 percent. Our country now becomes more independent of energy imports», said Dona Jean-Claude Houssou, Minister for Energy of Benin. «It is an essential part of our action plan ‘Revealing Benin’, centered around 45 flagship projects aimed at strengthening macroeconomic development, consolidating democracy and improving living environment for the people of Benin».

MAN ES Maria Gleta
The newly inaugurated dual-fuel power plant in Benin


Expansion plans for Maria Gleta

The Maria Gleta plant is planned to be expanded to a total capacity of 400 megawatts later on as part of this program. During the inauguration, the facility was also visited by a delegation of energy secretaries from the neighboring countries Burkina-Faso, Togo, Niger and by the general secretary of West Africa Power Pool (WAPP), emphasizing the showcase character of the project for the region.


The plant, which was built by a consortium featuring MAN Energy Solutions and BWSC, is now fully operational and will supply the grid of Benin with 127 megawattsof electrical output. At the heart of the plant lie seven MAN 18V51/60DF gensets, which will mainly run on low-emission natural gas.


Flexibility through dual-fuel capability

Recently, the government of Benin has signed an agreement with Total, a leading liquefied natural gas (LNG) supplier, for the development of a floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) which will ensure the supply of the Maria Gleta plant with liquefied natural gas (LNG).


«We are very pleased that we are able to support Benin’s ambitious growth plans with this project. Maria Gleta ensures a stable and independent power supply for Benin. The plant will mainly operate on natural gas keeping emissions at a low level, while ensuring fuel flexibility through its dual-fuel capability. This combination connects an environmentally friendly power generation with a secure supply at all time», added Waldemar Wiesner, Head of Region MEA, Power Plant Sales at MAN Energy Solutions.


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