JCB partecipated to the “Theatre of silence 2018” with its new 90Z-1

JCB contributed to the 2018 edition of the “Theatre of silence” (Teatro del silenzio in Italian), the summer musical event promoted every year by the Andrea Bocelli Foundation. At work the brand new compact excavator JCB 90Z-1, an expert in terms of silence.

The “Theater of Silence” is an event created by maestro Andrea Bocelli who every summer in Lajatico, a town in the province of Pisa, has hosted an important musical event since 2006.

The construction consists of a circular stage of a few meters of radius in the center of which a different set stands each year; the structure is mobile and on days when the theater is not in operation it is completely dismantled and transformed into an artificial lake.

Therefore, the Theater of silence need a special preparation to receive the more than 800 spectators expected. JCB partecipated to the construction of the structure of this year with its brans new compact excavator 90Z-1, a machine that knows how to operate in silence.



Some features of the 90Z-1

The 90Z-1 is a compact excavator in the range from 1 to 10 tons, equipped with a more powerful engine, a greater working radius, superior hydraulic power to increase performance. The engine is particularly advantageous in terms of reduced consumption and, oreover, exceptionally quiet (74 dB).

The main features of the new JCB 90Z-1 include: increased productivity compared to a traditional excavator with fixed arm, 30 degrees folding cab for easier maintenance, greasing intervals at 500 hours, new and wider cabin, 100% steel body for an increased durability.

With an operating weight of 9,733 kg, the excavator has the same width and height as the cab of the “younger brothers” 85Z-1 and 86C-1.

The full steel body offers plenty of room to install a more powerful engine, a larger hydraulic pump and larger hydraulic cylinders, which provide a superior breakout force to the bucket.

In the configuration with the longest digging equipment, the new midi JCB 90Z-1 can reach maximum excavation depth of 4,153 mm, a discharge height of 5,420 mm and a groundlevel reach of 7,389 mm.

The machine is powered by a JCB Diesel engine by Kohler, capable of delivering 55 kW.




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