Briggs&Stratton batteries during the official presentation

Vanguard commercial battery system. Vanguard Engines & Battery Power 2019/2020, Act Three. The trilogy derived from the presentation of Briggs&Stratton’s renewed product portfolio ends here. And it is with the integrated system of lithium-ion batteries, called Vanguard commercial battery system, that we complete the overview started with the Vanguard 200cc and Vanguard 400cc and continued with the Vanguard V-Twin EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection).


Vanguard commercial battery system

Also in Milwaukee have an electrification strategy and the news, in this case, that the production takes place directly in the plant at the headquarters, right in the city of Winsconsin, known to engine lovers also for the presence of Harley Davidson and Evinrude. Vanguard commercial battery system is an exception, in an industrial landscape hegemonicized by China. The Vanguard electrification package includes a battery pack, controller and charger. The 5 kilowatt batteries will be available from February 2020, the 10 kW one from August. The pack can be combined in parallel for additional capacity, with an uptime up to 2000 cycle life. The integrated battery management system (basically an electronic board), vehicle management control module and charger offer efficient performance, while the modular, easy-to-install batteries offer superior power.

Battery Management System

The BMS allows customization based on how you use it; optimizes performance; monitors the entire system; detects errors; and protects the battery from tampering. The modular design of the system (the battery consists of small modules, similar to stylus batteries) allows a certified technician to easily remove and replace the cell module if necessary. Both 5 kWh and 10 kWh battery blocks are designed to be compact; they are also installed inside a protective IP66 certified case and further protected by a metal casing with cage design that facilitates transport and installation. The charger can provide 1050 W of charging power from a 110 or 230 V source. The standard charging time for the 5 kWh battery is 6 hours and 12 hours for the 10 kWh battery. The charger can also be configured in a quick charge mode to reduce the charging time to two hours for both 5 kWh and 10 kWh batteries.


All Vanguard family


Aerial platforms, forklifts, floor washers, light towers and small machines for gardens and construction sites.

Patrick Limber says

In closing, a brief speech by Patrick Limberg, Director of sales commercial engines Emea.

Briggs&Stratton relaunches its presence in construction?

Construction equipment has always been a strategic sector for Briggs&Stratton. The name of Wacker Neuson, who uses the Vanguard V-Twin in his Milwaukee plant, or the deal signed with Ammann and Boels, is enough, but other agreements are in the finishing line. We are appreciated by the rental company, which appreciates the TCO of our systems.

Will you also propose yourself as a supplier of batteries?

There is a gap in the supply of medium power batteries, which we have closed. At a trade fair in the USA we presented in November the first OEM that came to us for the battery pack. It’s Argo, player of ATV (All Terrain Vehicles) for military use.

Vanguard commercial battery system




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