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There’s FPT behind the first gas-powered firefighting vehicle

The first gas-powered firefighting vehicle. The rush to sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions for vehicles employed by municipalities and public organizations has started. Some manufacturers are working on it and important results have arisen in the last few years in different sectors. ...

Alexei Ustinov and Cummins’ strategy for the near future

Cummins is currently developing very different aspects of its business with different strategies concerning Stage V and alternative solutions like gas, electric and hybrid. We wanted to discover more so we went to talk directly to Alexei Ustinov, Vice President Off-Highway Engine Business at Cummins...

Natural Gas Vehicles Toll Exemption in Germany. Iveco is thankful

Low fee for gas vehicles in Germany, Iveco welcomes Natural gas vehicles will receive a toll exemptions for highways from January 1st 2019 to Decembre 31st 2020 thanks to the decision taken by the German parliament, concerning both CNG and LNG vehicles over 7.5 tons. This decision will pull natural ...

Busworld India and Agility Fuel Solutions. CNG rules

Busworld India 2018. Agility Fuel Solutions Agility fuel solutions at Busworld India. At the eighth edition of the Indian spin-off of the ‘mother of all buses exhibitions’, Busworld Europe, in Kortrjik, Belgium, the CNG showed muscles. Even in the Indian subcontinent, natural gas represe...
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