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Cnh Industrial and the Capital Markets Day

Fpt Industrial came out of Wall Street as one with Iveco at the end of the Capital Markets Day. The much rumored spin-off materialized at the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) on last Tuesday at 11 am, local time, in the words of Hubertus Mühlhäuser: Iveco and Fpt will constitute an autonomous entity a...

Nuvera CEO Lucien Robroek on hydrogen fuel cells

Hydrogen fuel cells are trying to emerge in the market as one of the changing transportation technologies of today. Nuvera CEO Lucien Robroek decided to talk about the fast-growing fuel cell industry and its impact on every form of mobility. What was your journey to Nuvera like? For 11 years, I work...

Nuvera and engines 2.0: between hydrogen and fuel cells

At this year’s F-cell+HFC event in Canada, Nuvera held a seminar that highlighted the use of fuel cells for port operations management. The role played by hydrogen and fuel cells in the transformation of the transport sector has been one of the main topics at several international meetings in ...

Cummins added Hydrogenics to its team

Cummins yook over the fuel cell manufacturer Hydrogenics Cummins, directly from the United States, decided to take a step into the near Canadian territory, for the acquisition of Hydrogenics Corporation. A strategic move that will bring reinforcement for fuel cell development to the American team. H...

Hyundai and H2 Energy for hydrogen mobility

Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility In order to enhance the development of hydrogen mobility in Europe, Hyundai Motor Company and H2 Energy decided to create a new joint venture. The name is Hyundai Hydrogen Mobility and the focus is, indeed, the revamping of hydrogen and fuel-cell development. To begin the j...

Nikola Motor is focusing on fuel cell technology

Raising 205 million dollars in an oversubscribed series C funding round last year, Nikola Motor has become somewhat of a poster child for the fuel cell commercial vehicle (FCCV) market. Whilst fuel cells remain expensive to manufacturers, Nikola Motor’s recent land purchase in Arizona for its manufa...
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