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[Interact Analysis] Challenging 2024 for US construction industry

The US construction industry is facing a tough year, but the sector is forecast to show signs of growth in 2025. With the US Infrastructure Bill supporting construction investment and inflation expected to fall over the next couple of years, there are encouraging signs for a 2025 bounce back. Read t...


Interact Analysis

[Interact Analysis] Is there any point electrifying tractors?

In this new insight, Alastair Hayfield, Senior Research Director at Interact Analysis, discusses whether battery electric tractors are a worthwhile investment for farmers. Their research shows that the uptake of battery electric tractors will be slow as a result of the high upfront cost and lack of ...

[Interact Analysis] Light commercials drive rapid EV growth in China

In this new insight, Yvonne Zhang, Research Associate at Interact Analysis, highlights how the registrations of new energy commercial vehicles in China reached 21,000 units, an increase of 82% compared to May 2022. New energy light duty commercial vehicles are leading the market in China with fuel c...
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