The new German incentives favor alternative sources (and also Iveco)

In Germany, important incentives for the development of the low environmental impact vehicle network are expected in the near future, and Iveco is ready to give its contribution. The announcement comes from the German Federal Ministry for Transport and Digital Infrastructures. Among other things, it is symptomatic of the will to use natural gas as a resource against pollution. Only in 2018, the Ministry has already invested 10 million euros in a strategy to be pursued at least until 2020. The incentive objective is above all the heavy goods transport sector, ie relative to trucks over 7 tons.

Specifically, the incentives consist of 8,000 euros for CNG vehicles and 12,000 euros for LNG vehicles. Every company has a maximum limit of 500,000 euros. At full capacity, incentives will also contribute to the development of the infrastructure system. In fact, the purchase of about 40/60 vehicles (per company) with natural gas will be the lever to invest also in the filling stations. Moreover, beyond the natural gas supply, the program aims to invest also in the field of electrical technologies.

Iveco and natural gas, Germany but not only

Andreas Scheuer, Federal Minister for Transport and Digital Infrastructure, made a statement immediately after the announcement. «We want to help logistics operators to switch to environmentally friendly trucks. This is an advantageous change from every point of view, from which transport companies will benefit. Together, people who live along particularly busy roads and, of course, the environment as a whole, will take advantage».

Iveco is already playing an active role on other fronts in the field of CNG and LNG powered vehicles. This is the case, for example, of Perrenot (France) and its fleet of Iveco Stralis NP trucks. The company provides sustainable solutions to customers such as Carrefour, Casino, and Auchan. Or even Transports P. Mendy, another French company, who works with Michelin and Intermarché. In Italy, there are LC3 with LIDL and IKEA and Maganetti for Nestlé Waters.


The winning strategy

Pierre Lahutte, Iveco Brand President, replied about Iveco’s position. «The announcement of the Ministry is further confirmation of the validity of the Iveco strategy for the future of the transport sector. Here, natural gas traction, already today, represents a mature technology able to offer a viable and profitable solution. Iveco has already seen a rapid increase in the demand for Natural Power trucks. This is due to the growing number of international logistics operators who choose natural gas to convert their vehicle fleet and achieve the sustainability standards they want for their operations. Germany is an important crossroads in the road transport network. This financing program will therefore also help speed up the development of the supply infrastructure».


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