Diesel of the year moves to agricultural shows in November (here find the winner of 2023 awarding session). The Diesel cycle engine has survived the storm stirred up by its opponents. It is clear to most insiders that ICE represents one of the players in the energy transition, not public enemy No. 1. Especially among mobile industrial, marine, and power generation applications, especially for stand-by purposes.

In November the Diesel of the year will be awarded at EIMA International

Where does the change of season and scenery come from? Despite cyclical swings, agricultural mechanization has greater stability and benefits from the following of end users. The agricultural machinery segment also proves to be the most loyal to the internal combustion concept. It therefore seemed to us proper, after careful consideration, to skip a round, reset and start again from 2025, in November of this year. If we had awarded DOTY 2024 instead, what would be the sketch of the winner? AGCO Power’s Core family would have deserved an award. Rewriting the engine platform from a blank sheet of paper is worth a mention in itself.

What about the next edition?

Who will receive the Diesel fo the year plate in November at EIMA International? The Diesel of the year jury hardly previews the list of nominees. Surprises are always around the corner. However, we can indicate which engines are currently likely to participate in the next edition. Regarding the missing piece, the 2024, we have talked about a 5 and a 7.5-liter; let’s raise it again with another modular engine family, which has the same displacements. We are talking about HD Hyundai, which at Conexpo, exactly a year ago, displayed a display case with miniatures of the DX5 and DX8. We have confirmation of the launch of the full-scale version, sometime in 2024, but we don’t know much more than the specifications. We remain in Las Vegas, where the award-winning brands Caterpillar and Perkins took the veils off the 13-liter known as the Cat C13D and Perkins 2606. Final brush strokes to the engine block are in the works, with field checks. Pilot versions will be available from 2025. There is another pair that has come to the fore with an interesting engine-John Deere and Deutz. The 3.9-liter is a candidate to succeed one of the Cologne company best seller, the TCD3.6, absorbing even the 4.1-liter. John Deere Power Systems also sees this displacement as crucial, both for in house purposes and for the free market.


FPT Industrial: let’s go, XC13

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