The time is ripe for a clear picture of DOTY 2022. The holidays are almost behind us, let’s hope that COVID will be as soon as possible.

DOTY 2022. Diesel engine still makes sense

Despite the advance of electric power, at least on the media agenda and in the intentions of policymakers, the diesel cycle is still a sometimes obligatory solution for many industrial applications. The critical threshold is 56 kW. Particularly on the construction site, mini-excavators and skid steer loaders are being electrified, below that power band which, for machines with diesel engines, means the use of the SCR. Even below 56 kW, however, the internal combustion engine is the best solution for those applications that require peak absorption, travel requirements and maximum reliability.

The last three DOTYs in a glance

What is the identikit of the next Diesel of the year? Starting from the DOTY 2021, John Deere 18.0L, we see that a key to the success of a new engine block is definitely in the injection. Common rail seems inevitable; electronics are the key to neutralising pollutants, making combustion in the chamber as homogeneous as possible. As Michael Lefebvre, Manager, Global Marketing Support at John Deere Power Systems, said: “Advanced modeling allows us to define and optimize engine subsystems to achieve performance requirements that are determined by global customer needs.

Back in 2020, FPT INDUSTRIAL F28 was the winner. The trump card is to be multifuel. A single engine block with three different power sources: Diesel, gas, including biomethane, and hybrid. We asked to Umberto Gammieri, Head of the F28 Platform, what was it more difficult or challenging to conceive an engine that was diesel, gas and hybrid. He answered: “F28 really proved to be an exciting project, following the modular, multi-power approach anticipated with Cursor X concept.

Finally, in 2019 Kubota seat on the podium with V5009. In this case, the Japanese company has launched itself beyond the 100 kilowatt comfort zone, where it is a major player, to enter new markets and applications. At BAUMA Munich, the management stated: “We believe that in keeping with the significant trend towards downsizing, the 5-litre engine will begin to be used by clients who might previously have looked at 6-litre or 7-litre engines. For the V5009, this may include excavators, rollers and compactors, wheel loaders, compressors and material handlers.”


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